2019 Speedo Sectional Plantation Day 2: Alia Atkinson Wins Twice


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The 2019 Speedo Sectional in Plantation, Florida, continue on Friday.

The meet, also known as the Southern Zone South Sectional Championships, is hosted by the South Florida Aquatic Club.

Alia Atkinson won two events and there was a tie for first in the men’s 100 fly.


Women’s 200 Free

Sarasota’s Emma Weyant started the session off with a strong victory in 200 free. The 17-year-old finished in 2:01.97, nearly two seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

Nikki Miller finished second in 2:03.38, followed by South Florida’s Mary Smutny (2:14.16).

East Coast’s Ella Martinez took fourth (2:04.90), followed by Talia Bates (2:05.10), Savannah Barr (2:05.28), Michelle Morgan (2:06.71) and Carlie Rose (2:07.84).

Men’s 200 Free

Gator Swim Club’s Santiago Corredor cruised to victory in the men’s 200 free, clocking a 1:52.33.

He held off Gabriel Araya, who finished in 1:53.62.

Gator’s Julian Hill finished third (1:53.79), followed by Andres Wong (1:57.06), Kamal Muhammad (1:57.27), Varis Monroe (1:58.14), Mikael Getahoun (1:58.79) and Jacob Hack (2:00.05).

Women’s 100 Breast

South Florida’s Alia Atkinson predictably crushed the field in the 100 breast, finishing in 1:08.79. The former world champion from Jamaica outdistanced the field by more than five seconds.

Saint Andrew’s Shayna Fetes finished second in 1:13.99, followed by Micaela Sierra (1:15.60), Gracie Weyant (1:15.61), Cali Wilson (1:15.63), Patricia Casillas (1:16.02), Jayla Pina (1:16.56) and Tara Cabiling (1:16.66).

Men’s 100 Breast

Berkeley’s Ryaan Hatoum held off Lukas Macek to win the men’s 100 breast in the closest race of the day — until a surprising tie later.

Hatoum won the event in 1:05.20, holding off Macek (1:05.29).

Hector Rodriguez was third (1:06.54), followed by Arnold Luk (1:06.68), Luke Shourds (1:06.87), Christian March (1:07.44), Jacob Budnitz (1:07.49) and Joshua Hanks (1:07.74).

Women’s 50 Back

Caitlin Brooks won the 50 back in 28.92. The 18-year-old from Gator Swim Club was the only one in the field to break 30.

Azura’s Celina Martinez was second (30.16), followed by Megan Murphy (30.22), Claire Timson (30.31), Gabriela Donahue (30.39), Eboni McCarty (30.66), Madison Cummings (30.87) and Caitlin Romprey (31.56).

Men’s 50 Back

Steven Aimable hung on to win the men’s 50 back in 27.16. Payton Plumb of Southern Utah was second in 27.50, followed by Azura’s Matheo Mateos (27.58).

Flood Aquatics’ Joshua Zuchowski was fourth (27.72), followed by Ashton Anderson (27.79), Joshua Balbi (27.80), William Mahone (27.83) and Benjamin Wilson (28.39).

Women’s 100 Fly

Alia Atkinson made it 2-for-2 by winning the 100 fly in 1:01.38.

Talia Bates was second (1:01.42), followed by Abigail Gibbons (1:01.47), Madison Cummings (1:02.23), Jennifer Secrest (1:03.10), Alexandra Maszaros (1:03.44), Isabel Traba (1:03.47) and Savannah Barr (1:04.33).

Men’s 100 Fly

Kamal Muhammad and Gabriel Araya tied to win the 100 fly in 55.63, touching the wall together.

Blake Wilton finished third in 55.82, followed by Steven Aimable (56.60), Bryan Alvarez (56.89), Juan Zapata (57.29), Mikael Getahoun (57.38) and Preston Harrison (57.46).

Women’s 400 IM

Sumner Chimielewski was one of three 14-year-olds to break 4:57 in the 400 IM, winning in 4:55.06.

Michaela Mattes (4:56.36) was second, followed by Michelle Morgan (4:56.69).

Anna Auld was fourth (4:58.84), followed by Mallory Schleicher (5:04.62), Kathleen Golding (5:06.96), Gracie Weyant (5:08.08) and Mercedes Traba (5:09.14).

Men’s 400 IM

Alexander Gusev won big in the 400 IM, winning in 4:30.94, besting the field by nine seconds.

Joshua Zuchowski was second (4:39.01), followed by Matheo Mateos (4:39.13), Rafael Rodriguez (4:39.27), Juan Zapata (4:40.87), Zachary Szmania (4:41.13), Luke Shourds (4:41.20) and Santiago Corredor was disqualified for a one-hand touch.

Women’s 800 Free Relay

Sarasota YMCA’s Emma Weyant, Savannah Barr, Addison Sauickie and Christina Cianciolo won the 800 free relay in 8:27.30.

East Coast was second (8:36.35) and Sarasota’s B team was third (8:40.73).

Men’s 800 Free Relay

Azura’s Mathew Mateos, Franco Lupoli, Sidrell Williams and Juan Zapata won the 800 free relay in 7:58.36.

Sarasota was second (7:59.40), followed by Metro (8:01.45).