Why Your Athlete Should Attend a Swim Camp

Photo Courtesy: USA Swimming

By Courtney Mykkanen, Swimming World College Intern.

Swim camps are great opportunities for swimmers to learn more and become more engaged with the sport of swimming. Countless camps are available for athletes of all ages and ability levels, so finding the right camp is key to having a positive experience. These camps can have a positive impact on a swimmer’s development and expose them to different skill sets they might not encounter on a day-to-day basis. Other than having fun, there are many other lasting take-aways swimmers can gain from attending swim camps.

New perspectives

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Photo Courtesy: Navy Swimming Camps

Attending a swim camp can provide different perspectives about all aspects of swimming, from technique to nutrition. Often times, different coaches may have new drills kids can then take back to their home teams. These perspectives can increase a swimmer’s overall knowledge of the sport. Even if coaches at the camp emphasize something a kid’s coach at home tells them regularly, they might say it in a different way that actually connect with the swimmer. So, when swimmers attend swim camp – bring lots of questions!

Observing other swimmers


Photo Courtesy: US Sports Camps – CAL Swim Camp

Watching other swimmers, in person or through video, can also offer helpful visualizations for athletes to understand movements beneath the water’s surface. Observing and comparing how different swimmers move through the water can demonstrate efficiency within a stroke. Observation is very useful, but it is also important to recognize that not everyone’s stroke will look the same.

Meeting new friends

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Photo Courtesy: Carolina Swim Camps

Swimming with others who choose to attend camp opens the door to many new friendships with swimmers from across the country. They might find that they are from similar areas, have mutual friends, or their club teams compete at the same meets.  

Interacting with world-class coaches and swimmers


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Often times, world class coaches are involved with swimming camps – or world class swimmers may be the camp coaches. Learning and interacting from these individuals can increase motivation. These coaches and swimmers can also share stories about the obstacles involved with swimming and how to come back after a bad race. This can help swimmers look at the whole picture and understand that all successful swimmers have experienced bad races, bad seasons and other setbacks.

Swim camps provides so many amazing opportunities, so be sure to check out Swimming World’s featured swim camps!

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    Mark McGonigle

    In the first paragraph you state that finding the right camp is key. Where would we find the listings for all the top/elite camps?