(Video Interview) Abbey Weitzeil Aiming for 52 in Finals; Wants to be “The One”

Abbey Weitzeil Summer Nationals 2014
Photo Courtesy: Griffin Scott

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“I want to be the one.” These were the words 50 yard freestyle American Record holder Abbey Weitzeil used to conclude her interview after a 100 meter freestyle semi-finals swim that put her in the top position going into finals at the 2012 US Olympic Trails. It looks like she already is “the one” to beat for a spot on this year’s Olympic team.

Weitzeil is currently ranked ninth in the world in the 100 freestyle at a 53.57, and she knows what she needs to do to move her position higher. She’s aiming for a 52 final swim that will put the US back on the map in the world rankings in the women’s 100 free.

In the following interview, Weitzeil, a sprint specialist, talks about her ability to take the 100 freestyle out fast, but concedes that “bringing it home” has always been a struggle.