USA Swimming Helps Local Swimming Committees Redesign Their Logos

Logos - USA Swimming

In a recent project that was spearheaded by Matt Lupton and Natalie Elzinga, USA Swimming has helped numerous Local Swim Committees (LSCs) redesign their logos with more eye-catching and up-to-date looks. According to the USA Swimming website, Lupton (Senior Creative Director) and Elzinga (Creative Manager) had long wanted to embark on the redesign project, with the work done during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lupton and Elzinga met with various leaders of the country’s LSCs, discussed goals of each LSC and offered initial redesigns. Ultimately, Lupton and Elzinga produced new logos for many of the LSCs around the nation, efforts that jump out and are in line with the look of the USA Swimming logo. Many of the new logos include a definitive landmark or image related to their region.

“USA Swimming is truly a big family of the very best and brightest,” Lupton said. “When we build one super strong brand visually, it inherently helps us all realize we’re all unified in this for the same reason – because we love this sport…Getting to know the people at the LSCs has been the best part. Our sport is full of wonderful people who all are very interested in bringing swimming to as many people as possible, and these passionate people are so much fun to work with.

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