USA Swimming Awards Clubs Nearly $1.5 Million in Covid-19 Relief Grants


USA Swimming reported that all 317 clubs who submitted applications were awarded COVID-19 Relief Program grants in phase one, which was focused on supporting clubs and members impacted economically by the pandemic (here). A total of $1,482,952 will be distributed to the clubs beginning June 1, 2020, on behalf of the USA Swimming Foundation.

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The applications, which were submitted between April 28 and May 8, were reviewed by a team of staff, and USA Swimming and USA Swimming Foundation board members.

Foundation Board Chair Dr. Cecil Gordon said he was  incredibly proud of being able to support the relief effort: “The review team’s feedback revealed that the need is great, and applications were very thoughtful and detail-oriented. The Foundation was given a truly important opportunity to assist the clubs which help affect our mission of saving lives and building champions and we were happy to be able to support our swimming community.”

The Foundation has pledged up to another $1.5M to support phase two of the COVID-19 Relief Program, which will focus on supporting a return to business for clubs. This application process will begin in mid-June. Clubs that received grants in the first round remain eligible to apply for and receive funding in the second round.

Further questions about the USA Swimming COVID-19 Relief Program can be sent to

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    Grant D

    Any list of clubs getting the grant?

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    Too little…too late. This is a joke. They should be doing 25-30 million for 1000+ clubs. After all, we know they have the money after the legal fees and settlements from sexual abuse coverups they’ve paid and the amount of money they’ve fleeced from clubs and members over the years.

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