Tech Talk: Inside The Arena Powerskin Carbon-Air Racing Suit

Arena Powerskin Carbon-Air
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PHOENIX – SWIMMINGWORLD.TV brings you another episode of Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics.

In this episode, Tiffany Elias is joined by Debra Talbert, the Product Manager for Arena North America to discuss Arena’s latest Powerskin Carbon tech suit, the Air.

The Arena Powerskin Carbon-Air is the latest innovation to leverage Arena’s breakthrough carbon technology, utilizing an ultra lightweight fabric focused on maximizing swimmer comfort, while still applying the range’s trademark Intelligent Compression. The new suit, now available globally, debuted at January’s Arena Pro Swim Series in Austin, TX, where it was worn by Olympic medalists Breeja Larson and Cammile Adams, as well as American record-holder and Olympian Connor Jaeger. The U.S. National Teamers combined for three golds and two bronze medals at the event.

The addition of the Powerskin Carbon-Air, arena is the only swimsuit manufacturer to offer its most elite technology in three unique styles.

The Powerskin Carbon-Air is arena’s latest racing suit to employ carbon technology through the integration of horizontal Carbon Bands into the suit’s ultra lightweight woven fabric.

In the water, the Carbon Bands lock down at a critical stretch point to provide lateral support and control when and where it’s needed. This lighter form of Comfortable Compression helps to improve swimmer performance without compromising the suit’s unbeatable comfort.

Powerskin Carbon-Air’s fabric weighs in at an incredibly light 125 g/m2 – 30% lighter than that used in Carbon-Pro – making the suit feel like a second skin. In addition, the SmartStretch shoulder straps in women’s styles are made using carefully selected materials and a special manufacturing process to reduce tension on the shoulders, offering a unique form of “intelligent stretching”, and enhancing comfort. Finally, the smart simplicity of the design gives the suit a sleek construction, which allows the swimmer complete freedom of movement, and makes it exceptionally easy to put on. The result is a cutting-edge racing suit that is unmatched for sheer comfort.

“As a distance swimmer, the light construction and smooth feel was comfortable and easy for me. I could feel just the right level of compression off the blocks and turns, but still felt free for my entire swim” said Connor Jaeger, American Record Holder and 2012 Olympian.

To learn more about Arena’s Powerskin Carbon-Air tech suit, watch this week’s episode.
Powerskin Carbon-Air – Tech Talk

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  1. Betsy Beddow

    Problem….breast tissue escaping! Arena, can you do better? Won’t buy the suit until you fix that defect. There are Master Swimmers that would love to wear your suit but are unable to because of that defect.