SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk Features How To Choose A Fin

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 22. SWIMMINGWORLD.TV brings you the next episode of SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics.

This week Tiffany Elias welcomes back two-time Olympian Mark Gangloff. Gangloff shares the different types of fins available in the market place and how they can help improve your swimming. From short fins to long and stiff fins to flexible, different styles can provide various techniques in practice.

To learn more about fins, watch this week’s episode.

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SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk is a weekly show hosted by Tiffany Elias. Each week, Elias will bring a new guest onto the show to discuss important technical features about various training and competition products. The show is designed to inform coaches, athletes and parents as only Swimming World can do!