Swim Poll of the Week: 66% Have Not Been In Pool During Quarantine


This is the Swim Poll of the Week for Wednesday May 20, 2020, sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products. In our last poll, we wanted to know: Are you getting in any water, flume or pool?

With the coronavirus quarantine keeping a lot of people locked inside their homes, it has caused many to be sidelined from the pool with no real definitive date of when it will be safe to return. In some parts of the world like the Netherlands and in China, pools have been reopened and elite athletes are back training. In Sweden for example, there was never a lockdown put in place.

But in places like the United States and Great Britain, it has been more difficult to find pool time. British national teamers Adam Peaty and Ben Proud, among others, have been able to swim in their backyard thanks to personal pools flown into their backyard. Australia’s Kyle Chalmers also had a pool flown into his backyard so he could chase the 100 free gold medal in Tokyo next summer.

Some pools in the US have started to open, but many more are still closed. Many personal backyard pools have been used and some have resorted to more creative ways to stay wet, but not everyone has that luxury.

So for the swim poll, the question remains: Are you getting in any water, flume or pool?

We asked for the swim poll and you answered with…

Here are the swim poll answers:

Every day — 9%

2-3x a week – 25%

Not at all — 66%




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  1. Christine MacAulay

    Daughter is getting a bit of training in our 15 foot pool in our garage using stretch cord drills. The water is not heated so with a wetsuit she lasts 30 min. So sad to see no go live date for swim clubs in our Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 community. A real set back for Mid to high end swimmers for sure. 🇨🇦🏊‍♀️🇨🇦🙏🤔🤞

  2. Lyle Campbell

    I still washing my hands. Can I take a shower yet?