Sun Yang to Miss Chinese Nationals, Still Has FINA A Cuts From Last Year

Sun Yang
Photo Courtesy: R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya


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The Chinese Swimming Association has announced that Sun Yang will be sitting out the 2016 Chinese National Championships this year as he continues to protect his right foot injury.

Sun, who injured his right foot last month, continues to train in Australia, and will miss the national championships to avoid the chance of re-injuring his foot.

CCTV reports that although doctors have stated that the right-foot fracture has healed, Sun was informed that he should bypass the meet to eliminate the chance of a secondary injury.

Conflicting reports state that Sun is not completely recovered, and has been training with a swollen foot, and only using one leg on turns.

Sun’s status for the 2016 Rio Olympics remains in tact due to his times from the World Championships last year.  He already owns FINA A cuts, and unless two other swimmers from China are able to surpass those times, he should be set to return to the Olympics in Rio.

“Four years ago, I was holding a gold medal,” Sun told media. “The impact of these four years, of defending my identity, and the pressure has changed, but the goal has not changed.  My goal is to defend my gold medals.”

Sun is the defending Olympic gold medalist in the men’s 400-meter free and 1500-meter free from the 2012 London Olympics.  He also took silver in the 200-meter free and helped China to bronze in the 800-meter free relay.

He has had plenty of issues since winning those gold medals.  In 2013, he was punished for driving without a license.  Then, in 2014, he was suspended for three months after testing positive for the banned stimulant trimetazidine.

It’s been a tough week for defending Olympic gold medalists.  Yannick Agnel, who beat Sun in the 200 free in 2012, may miss the 2016 Rio Olympics completely after a controversial finish at French trials.


  1. Beth Scott

    Sure hope they are clean. China has a problem with cheating by using steroids!

    • 宋泽

      This statement is unreliable and you are biased and impulsive. We don’t see the evidence supporting your offensive and impolite behavior. Remember , You western people always say the word PEACE , and see what you are doing right now.

    • 宋泽

      All I can see is jealousy and political bias , it is very obvious that Sun Yang beat everyone in 1500 meters free style and surpassed the world record . Yes, face the reality and maintain the peace.

    • Beth Scott

      宋泽 this has nothing to do with politics but rather a historical, factual, pattern of proof. If you don’t like Chines swimming history than try not to repeat it!

    • Beth Scott

      宋泽 Just curious do you really have any clue about swimming history? Not from the looks of your Facebook page? I’m a 10 time gold medalist in swimming and I NEVER cheated or used ANY band substances! How many medals have you won in the Sport of Swimming or any sport for that matter?

    • Beth Scott

      Hugh Ochsenschlager Thank Hugh! I can’t stand people who try to intimidate others especially when they have no clue what they’re talking about.

    • Bryan Craig

      Beth you may want to explain to him exactly who you are I doubt he will know.
      I think sun yang should still be tested at trials he should be there as a “team member” and should be tested.

    • Alison Miller

      Well a 3 month ban served when he had no competitions wasn’t a ban. Especially when WADA recommend a 2 year ban for first offence, and then a life ban.
      Kind of reminds you of the withdrawals from competition of the East Germans when they knew they would test positive in competition.

  2. Emma Burns

    Still don’t understand why he wasn’t tested after his aggressive outburst last year.

    • Jeshar Ortega Ramirez

      Al final el ya no va ir a rió tiene una lesión y su lesión duraría 6 meses en recuperar y es exactamente el tiempo en el q van a ser los Juegos Olímpicos

  3. avatar

    He is always a great swimmer. REALLY impressed after watching how he has trained with one injured leg . And he DOES swim well. His swimming makes people feel comfortable.

  4. Carlton Barber

    Shid wouldn’t let him near the water.