(Race Video) Watch Controversial Yannick Agnel 200 Free From France

Yannick Agnel world championship
Photo Courtesy: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

A touchpad controversy has taken over the 2016 French Open National Championships, which is also serving as the French Olympic Trials.

Defending Olympic 200 free champion Yannick Agnel looked to have finished second in the men’s 200-meter free behind Jeremy Stravius, but the clock said otherwise as as Agnel was clocked with a 1:46.99 for third behind Stravius (1:46.18) and Jordan Pothain (1:46.81). Video evidence says otherwise, as Agnel can clearly be seen touching second.

Natation – la confusion au finish de Yannick… by BuzzVid

There is still a chance for Agnel to wind up on the Olympic squad as even though the top four swimmers all cleared the FINA A cut of 1:47.97, none met the more difficult French Olympic team cut of 1:46.06.

More interesting is the fact that Agnel had a similar problem during prelims as well.  The touchpad did not register his finish, and after nearly half-an-hour of deliberation, he was awarded with the third seed.


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    It is beyond me how France didn’t look at this and reverse the call, or ask one of the officials on deck to see what they saw. I know the video isn’t seen as “official” evidence but c’mon now. Unless Pothain has a 3rd arm that is 8ft long and no one knows about, it’s a clear cut 2nd for Agnel. But all of this essentially means nothing because France has these ridiculous cuts for all their events.

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    Typical French….using worthless touch pads from the 1980s.

  3. Niles Keeran

    6’8″ trash mouth Frenchman…

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      Dave Mires

      Get yourself a boyfriend and stop being such a trolling gimp.

  4. Brian Cameron

    Competition, using clocks is supposed to make everything fair. In this case, it did not!

    1. Why did his touchpad not register? He clearly hit the pad.

    2. Assuming the pad was working properly, why did the computer not register, in that split second, the finish?

    3. What are the French officials watching? Agnel clearly touched second. I could see it clearly on my phone. More clearly on my iPad. Glaringly clear on my 60″ UHD tv!

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    Jim Avery

    The video does not lie!!! This has be plain as day that Yannick got 2nd place unless Helen Keller was one of the judges. Come on people.

  6. Kristine Murphy Grim

    Once is a coincidence. Twice is a plan. Clearly something is afoot. Sad, politics is everywhere.

  7. David Smith

    Tom Lindsay Deveron sprints all over again

    • Tom Lindsay

      Yeah, I’ve already seen the video of the finish. Mental