Splashbacks: Adam Peaty, Missy Franklin Top Nov-Dec 2018 Headlines


It’s been another amazing year of aquatics competition, including exciting trips to Glasgow for the European Championships and Tokyo for the Pan Pacific Championships, and Swimming World had our readers covered every step of the way.  During the next few days, we’ll take a look back in “Splashbacks”, the most read stories of 2018.

1. 25 Things to Get a Swimmer for Christmas

The most read article of the November and December months was a throwback from December 2015. Three years ago then Swimming World college intern, Delaney Lanker, penned a timely commentary titled “25 Things to Get a Swimmer for Christmas.”

2. Adam Peaty to FINA: “I Don’t Care, Ban Me If You’ve Got To,” In Support of International Swim League

Olympic and World Record holder Adam Peaty has been vocal in the past few months about his support for an International Swim League, despite threats of being banned from competition from swimming’s governing body, FINA.

3. 7 Reasons Why a Swimmer’s Strength is Unmatched

Swimming World college intern, Maggie Lasto, penned a comentary about the seven reasons why a swimmer’s strength is unmatched. This included reasons, such as, perseverance, self-confidence, and welcoming pain.

4. The Silent Assassin: Is Chlorine Hurting Swimmers More Than it is Helping Them? 

Early in December, Swimming World college intern, Olivia McKelvey, analyzed whether or not chlorine is hurting swimmers more than it is helping them. This included looking at several different impacts chlorine can have on a swimmer’s life.

5. 14-Year-Old Swimmer Dies After Conditioning in Illinois

The swimming community mourned the death of 14-year-old Julian Urbina in mid-November. Urbina was participating in a conditioning practice on Wed, Nov. 14 when he went underwater in the deep end of the pool, but did not resurface. The death was ruled an accident.

6. The Importance of Strength Training in Swimming

Taylor ByersSwimming World college intern, examined the importance of strength training in early December and all of the benefits it provides a swimmer’s performances.

7. 35 Reasons to be Thankful You’re a Swimmer

Prior to the Thanksgiving season, Swimming World college intern, Emily Thirion, took a closer look at 35 reasons to be thankful to be a swimmer.

8. David Marsh’s Philosophy on Coaching Female Athletes

Swimming World college interns continued to produce top-notch articles close to the Christmas season. Devin Javens penned an article on 2016 Olympic coach David Marsh and his philosophy on coaching female athletes.

9. 2012 Olympic Champion Missy Franklin Announces Retirement

Missy Franklin, 2012 Olympic champion, announced her retirment on Wed, December 19th in a letter she wrote to ESPN. In her letter, Franklin explained what led to her difficult decision and her emotional connection to the sport of swimming.

10. Adam Peaty: “Whole Sport Needs to Change” 

British swimmer Adam Peaty spoke out in December about FINA, swimming’s governing body, and the need for change in the sport. Peaty explained to the BBC that “FINA needs to listen to the athletes and hear what they want.”

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