Seattle, Simon Fraser Split in Season Opener

SEATTLE, Oct. 11. LONGTIME swim rivals Seattle University and Simon Fraser University went head-to-head in the opening dual meet of the season for both teams Friday night at the Connolly Center. While the SFU women pulled away late in the meet for the victory, the men's competition came down to the last event as the Redhawks' 200-yard freestyle relay team set a new pool record to edge Simon Fraser 109-96 and earn a split for Seattle U.

The men remained close all night long. By the 200-free relay, the final event of the meet, the Redhawks had captured a four-point lead, allowing Simon Fraser to win the meet with a victory in the relay. And the Redhawks came up huge, breaking the former pool record by almost a full second (1:27.30) in front of a frenzied home crowd that stood and cheered throughout the entire event. All four members of the relay swam under 22 second splits.

Sean Seaver (Sr., Ketchikan, Alaska/Ketchikan HS, Drury University) led the Redhawks as the only multi-event winner with victories in the 1000 and 500-yard freestyles. Seaver broke his own pool record in the 1000-free by three tenths of a second, finishing in 9:41.64.

Jonathan Bartsch (So., Billings, Mont./Billings HS) came up with a huge swim for SU in the 200-individual medley, finishing in first with a time of 1:58.28. Newcomer Cori Bemis (Fr., University Place, Wash./
Curtis HS) showed why he was one of the top recruits in the state. The former Curtis High School star and state champion swam to victory in the 100-backstroke with a time of 54.18, helping the Redhawks jump out to an 80-70 lead in the meet after SFU had pulled to
within one in the previous event.

Four other men's pool records fell, but the remaining marks were broken by swimmers from Simon Fraser. The Clan opened the meet with a new pool record in the 200-medley relay, finishing in a time of 1:35.72, just over a second faster than the previous mark. Paul Wilkens set a new record in the 50-freestyle with a time of 21.65, breaking one of the pool's longest
standing records. Trevor Brekke set a new standard in the 100-breast in 56.81. Sandy Henderson put a new 100-butterfly record on the wall, finishing in 51.21.

A total of seven pool records and one team record were broken in the women's competition as the Clan swam to a 111-86 victory despite being disqualified in the 200-free relay to end the meet.

Marion Gallagher (So., Everett, Wash./Cascade HS) broke her own team record in the 100-breast with a time of 1:08.99. However, that was only good enough for second place in the event as Simon Fraser's Kathleen Stoody set a new pool record, finishing in 1:07.52.

Megan Ackerman (Sr., Shoreline, Wash./Shoreline HS) was the only individual event winner for Seattle U.. She won the 1000-free in a time of 10:47.36, nearly 24 seconds faster than her closest competitor.

The remaining six pool records all belonged to Simon Fraser. Amber Dykes set two of them in the 50-free (24.58) and 100-free (53.89). Adriana Koc-Spadaro broke the record in the 200-free with a time of 1:56.99. Jennifer Horwood took the 100-fly in a pool record time of 58.35, and Mitra Chandler broke the 200-individual medley record by just two-hundredths of a second in 2:13.04. The Clan 200-medley relay team also set a new pool record with a time of 1:50.46, shattering their own record by over two seconds.

The Redhawks will be back in action Oct. 25-26 at the University of Pacific Invitational in Stockton, Calif.

Results (All events in yards)
Team Scores:
1-Seattle University 109
2-Simon Fraser University 96

200 Medley Relay: 1-SFU 'A' (Henderson, Brekke, Haertel, Burger), 1:35.72; 2-SU 'A' (Ewald, Oram, Oleson, Bartch), 1:39.82; 3-SU 'B' (Foucrier, Hildwein,
Davis, Forgie), 1:44.21.

1000 Freestyle: 1-Seaver, SU, 9:41.64; 2-Nicholson,
SFU, 9:46.44; 3-Musgrave, SFU, 9:46.92; 4-Newcomb, SU, 10:34.24; 5-Tollett, SU, 10:36.17.

200 Freestyle: 1-Burger, SFU, 1:44.99; 2-Hueller, SU, 1:45.75; 3-Ewald, SU, 1:49.38; 4-Foucrier, SU, 1:51.32; 5-Eng, SFU, 1:53.29.

50 Freestyle: 1-Wilkens, SFU, 21.65; 2-Laughlin, SU, 22.08; 3-Shelton, SU, 22.16; 4-Denzer, SU, 22.57; 5-Nicholson, SFU, 23,73; 6-Musgrave, SFU, 23.94.

200 Individual Medley: 1-Bartsch, SU, 1:58.28; 2-Haertel, SFU, 1:58.73; 3-Bemis, SU, 2:00.58; 4-Akuney, SFU, 2:04.57; 5-Hildwein, SU, 2:06.64; 6-Meredith, SFU, 2:08.02.

100 Butterfly: 1-Henderson, SFU, 51.21; 2-Laughlin, SU, 52.26; 3-Oleson, SU, 53.73; 4-Davis, SU, 54.61; 5-Meredith, SFU, 58.19.

100 Freestyle: 1-Wilkens, SFU, 48.08; 2-Shelton, SU, 48.66; 3-Denzer, SU, 48.91; 4-Eng, SFU, 51.55; 5-Forgie, SU, 53.32.

100 Backstroke: 1-Bemis, SU, 54.18; 2-Haertel, SFU, 54.48; 3-Ewald, SU, 54.84; 4-Bartsch, SU, 55.43; 5-Akuney, SFU, 58.80.

500 Freestyle: 1-Seaver, SU, 4:42.94; 2-Burger, SFU, 4:45.28; 3-Nicholson, SFU, 4:47.89; 4-Mueller, SU,
4:47.94; 5-Musgrave, SFU, 4:49.16; 6-Foucrier, SU, 5:01.28.

100 Breaststroke: 1-Brekke, SFU, 56.81; 2-Oram, SU, 1:00.88; 3-Meredith, SFU, 1:01.99; 4-Akuney, SFU, 1:03.35; 5-Hildwein, SU, 1:05.19; 6-Baker, SU, 1:06.62.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1-SU 'A' (Laughlin, Denzer, Bemis, Shelton), 1:27.30; 2-SFU (Henderson, Eng, Wilkens, Brekke), 1:28.52; 3-SU 'B'(Mueller, Oleson, Davis, Seaver), 1:31.39.

Team Scores:
1-Simon Fraser University-111
2-Seattle University – 86

200 Medley Relay: 1-SFU (Kirkwood, Stoody, Horwood, Koc-Spadaro), 1:50.46; 2-SU (Cuevas, Gallagher, Rivera, Michener), 1:53.99.

1000 Freestyle: 1-Ackerman, SU, 10:47.36; 2-Johansing, SU, 11:11.00; 3-Rosen, SFU, 11:23.64; 4-Kirkwood, SFU, 11:28.90; 5-Woodall, SU, 12:07.06.

200 Freestyle: 1-Koc-Spadaro, SFU, 1:56.99; 2-Gallagher, SU, 1:58.62; 3-DiPasquale, SU, 2:01.14; 4-Caldwell, SU, 2:01.48; 5-Kudaba, SFU, 2:04.15.

50 Freestyle: 1-Dykes, SFU, 24.58; 2-Michener, SU, 25.49; 3-Rivera, SU, 25.60; 4-Hansen, SU, 26.02; 5-Brodevr, SFU, 26.36; 6-Cleary, SFU, 26.89.

200 Individual Medley: 1-Chandler, SFU, 2:13.04; 2-Fischbach, SU, 2:13.99; 3-Allen, SFU, 2:15.07; 4-Cooper, SU, 2:23.96; 5-Cuevas, SU, 2:24.00.

100 Butterfly: 1-Horwood, SFU, 58.35; 2-Rivera, SU, 1:01.11; 3-Brodevr, SFU, 1:01.44; 4-Cooper, SU, 1:05.20; 5-Woodall, SU, 1:05.40; 6-Stoody, SFU, 1:07.96.

100 Freestyle: 1-Dykes, SFU, 53.89; 2-Michener, SU, 54.58; 3-DiPasquale, SU, 55.46; 4-Hansen, SU, 57.40;
5-Kudaba, SFU, 57.54.

100 Backstroke: 1-Koc-Spadaro, SFU, 1:01.95; 2-Kirkwood, SFU, 1:02.00; 3-Caldwell, SU, 1:02.55; 4-Fischbach, SU, 1:02.58; 5-Horwood, SFU, 1:04.27; 6-Cuevas, SU, 1:05.22.

500 Freestyle: 1-Chandler, SFU, 5:19.22; 2-Ackerman, SU, 5:19.55; 3-Johansing, SU, 5:30.94; 4-Rosen, SFU, 5:33.57; 5-Kudaba, SFU, 5:48.66; 6-Hansen, SU, 5:55.77.

100 Breaststroke: 1-Stoody, SFU, 1:07.52; 2-Allen, SFU, 1:07.89; 3-Gallagher, SU, 1:08.99; 4-Cleary, SFU, 1:12.11; 5-Cooper, SU, 1:14.63; 6-Johansing, SU, 1:15.42.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1-SFU (Dykes, Allen, Brodevr, Chandler), 1:40.75; 2-SU (Fischbach, Caldwell, Ackerman, DiPasquale), 1:42.80.

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