Ryan Lochte Announces Plans for Tokyo Even With Potential Suspensions Looming

Photo Courtesy: Maddie Kyler

Yesterday Ryan Lochte was dropped by four of his sponsors after more information came to light surrounding the gas station incident in Rio.

In an interview with TMZ, Lochte has revealed plans to continue training and hopes of competing in Tokyo.

The 32 year old does still realize he could face more consequences, in addition to his lost sponsors, for sensationalizing the story. The USOC announced plans to review the issue after returning to the United States.

Lochte said, “I’m still going to be swimming. I’m swimming for another four years. So however long my suspension is… I’m going to get back in that water.”

He also commented on losing his sponsorship with Speedo, “It stinks. Speedo was great to me. They were like a second family throughout my swimming career. And I guess it’s a new chapter now.”

The 2016 gold medalist in the 800 freestyle relay insists that he has learned from this. He told TMZ, “I know I’ve learned from it, and I’ve just got to start back from ground one.”

Watch the TMZ interview here.


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    Way to go Ryan. Keep it going. Just come back stronger and faster!

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    Kevin Murray

    What an embarrassment for the US time for Ryan to hang up his swim suit .

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    What are you doing in the olymoics

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    Good! He didn’t get to being an Olympian by folding under pressure, like a cheap suit. I think it’s totally out of hand the way all sorts of people have piled on.

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    Butler Buck

    I can’t wait until some hacker finds the entire video of the incident in Rio and puts it online. Then we’ll all see which version was closer to the actual truth–Lochte and the other swimmers or the Rio police.

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    There are two version: Lochte and the Brazilian police AND his 3 team mates.