[UPDATED] Speedo, Ralph Lauren Drop Ryan Lochte; Speedo Pledges To Donate $50K To Brazilian Charity

Photo Courtesy: Brooke Wright

Just over one week since Ryan Lochte provided a false police report stating that he and USA Olympic teammates Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conger were robbed at gun point the 12-time Olympic medalist has lost his first endorsement deal.

Speedo USA has announced that they are ending their sponsorship of Lochte stating that they “cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for.”

Lochte had originally signed a ten-year contract with Speedo in 2006, but it is unclear as to how much time was remaining on his existing contract.

Along with their decision to drop him as one of their athlete’s, Speedo also announced that they would be donating a “$50,000 portion of Lochte’s fee to Save The Children, a global charity partner of Speedo USA’s parent company, for children in Brazil.”

Currently Lochte still has existing deals with Ralph Lauren, the mattress company Airweave, and with Gentle Hair Removal, however, Lochte was all-but removed from Ralph Lauren’s website last week.

The announcement concluded with well wishes on Lochte’s behalf, noting, “we appreciate his many achievements and hope he moves forward and learns from this experience.”


Shortly after the announcement was made by Speedo that they would be dropping Lochte, Ralph Lauren issued a similar statement noting that they would not be renewing Lochte’s contract.

The statement notes that “Ralph Lauren continues to proudly sponsor the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team and the values that its athletes embody. Ralph Lauren’s endorsement agreement with Ryan Lochte was specifically in support of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the company will not be renewing his contract.”

Statements made by his other two existing deals, Airweave and Gentle Hair Removal, could still be in jeopardy.

Last week Motokuni Takaoka, CEO of Airweave, commented that “Lochte will remain a US ambassador for Airweave as long as our partnership agreement remains effective,” while Gentle Hair Removal’s parent company, Syneron-Candela, chose to “reserve decisions until we have a more complete understanding of the situation.”

Full detailed report can be read on ESPN


  1. Alex Ruggiero

    What if they believed they were telling the truth when they told the story? Had guns pulled on them while a guy yells at them in Spanish demanding money. It’s all a joke. Brazil is one of the most crime-ridden countries in the world and they make a big deal out of this. Do something about the murder, robberies, and rapes in your country.

    • 余梓鍵

      But if you look carefully… even google… THE USA has a high rate of rape, which is very sad indeed. Perhaps self-reflection is needed as well?

    • Alex Ruggiero

      Juliana Carsalade Roberto Yeah I realized immediately after I posted.

      • avatar

        The United States is the most corrupt country in the world, not to mention having its share of crimes. American jocks, spoiled brats, and other drunk idiots need to learn their behavior is only condoned by similar idiots.

        It’s clear the four knew Lochte lied on TV and to mom from the get-go because the story changed so many times, including the fact that both USOC and Lochte’s coach denied the robbery happened after talking to him right after the incident and then they did a turn around. Why?

        You can see by the video that the four went in and out of the bathroom, yet they state they also peed outside. Right there we can see they were just behaving like drunk pigs. You can also see them walking quite normally on the video when they exit the bathroom. They were not blacked out drunks. They knew what they were doing, soiling and trashing the place, and didn’t care.

        Later on, they also knew they were lying, they just thought they wouldn’t get caught. Being four racist idiots on top, they thought that their “Brazil is just a country of violent thugs” lie would be eagerly lapped up without question.

        Well, it was – many Americans are not only corrupt but profoundly racist. But then there were the video cameras and the large number of witnesses on the scene and police to prove the lies of the little idiots.

        And for you to claim that any of them believed they weren’t lying when Lochte said they were in a taxi being pulled over by some guy pointing a gun to Lochte’s forehead shows that it’s a good thing the media will just keep running with this story because many more people have yet to face the truth about the Lochte and his stupid pals.

    • Aimee Trout-Foster

      Read the USA Today article from today. There was no damage to the bathroom and witnesses corroborate his story. They are basically being extorted by Brazil.

    • avatar
      Caitlin Garrison

      Bottom line, he lied. They were never pulled over by an unmarked vehicle. A gun was never put to his head and cocked. They were not ordered to the ground while Lochte refused. He was not robbed of his wallet and all the money in it. Bentz and Feigan paid money not Lochte. Feigan lied to protect Lochte when he told the lie to Billy Bush. Vandalized gas station; yes ripping something off a wall and peeing on it is vandalism. Lochte put 3 teammates in a bad position and he is a 32 year old man. Your statement and the fact that you don’t even know Portuguese is spoken in Brazil makes you an example of the “ugly American”. Google the term

  2. Tara Garrett Houser

    They all dropped phelps after he did drugs at a party too –

    • avatar
      Caitlin Garrison

      No, just Kelloggs. It was a bong pic and he admitted right away it was him. He didn’t lie about it.

  3. Sinfie Pena

    Kyla S Foreman- I stand corrected Ralph Lauren as well

    • 余梓鍵

      And now another company, a third one.

    • Kelly Doyle

      Ha! I’m sure Speedo and Ralph Lauren are donating because the care, it’s free PR!!!!!!

  4. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!! ENOUGH OF THE BASHING!! ENOUGH. Stop persecuting him! Mistakes were made. Be done. All these trolls who sit on Social Media and have pitch forks and these BIG CORPORATIONS cow down to them ~ just let it be. ENOUGH!

  5. Kelly Doyle

    What security guard shacks down anyone for money? Isn’t that the courts position. If is was so bad, why weren’t the police called? Because they are shady!! Where is the law? Theses countries make there own laws. He was drunk, he paid them off and left. It want right, but this is ridiculous!! Brazilian charities, WTF! Those poor people will never see a dime of it!! Joke!

    • 余梓鍵

      So the guard/owner of the shop shouldn’t ask for a payment for damages? Not even the manager?

    • Kelly Doyle

      I’m sure that’s what they said, with a gun in their face sitting on the ground. No you call the authorities and the law should decide. That is why theses countries are a mess. No law and order!! I would love to see what Rio does with all the money money they made from the Olympics. Let’s see if they help the people…

    • Kelly Doyle

      余梓鍵 what about the $11,000 in damages? Do you really think the owner of the gas station will see a penny????? What they did was wrong, but I think $11,000 should take care of it!!!!!!!!

    • Laura Cooper Crouch

      It wouldn’t take much more than a few dollars. The only confirmed damage was a poster.

    • avatar
      Caitlin Garrison

      The police WERE called. The guys left after Bentz and Feigan paid 50 bucks for damages. Apparently security was trying to keep them from leaving until cops arrived. A witness that was acting as a translator between security and the swimmers said this.

      • avatar

        No, the police weren’t called. “Security” was off duty cops shaking down the swimmers. At least pretend to do some research before spouting BS.

    • avatar

      How many testimonies did you read? What I read is that Lochte made so much noise tearing down the sign that it called the attention of security (caught on video). First of all, why was he tearing down a sign? What else did he try to do in terms of vandalism? Not clear. OK, so they are peeing all over the place as well. Why didn’t they use the bathroom? Are they too much pigs to use a bathroom? The bathroom part of the story is also not clear. In any case, security arrives because of the ruckus. They beg security not to call the police, because they don’t want to get in trouble, but security in fact does call police, since they have vandals wrecking the station. Lochte and another one start leaving and tell the others to leave, to avoid an encounter with police. The guard says nothing doing and tells them to sit down. Lochte does not sit down and starts yelling at police, drunk, and gets into altercation. Security pulls gun. The other two calmer swimmers tell Lochte to shut up and sit down, and he sits. They all start to wait for police but police doesn’t arrive immediately. Then one of them has the idea to offer to pay for the damages in cash right there and asks that they settle the matter which would allow them to leave. Security calls manager who is nice enough to agree and let them go if they pay. Why make a big deal out of four stupid American oafs having done minor damage? So they pay and then hail another taxi and leave. Then Lochte goes on international TV and says they got pulled over in a taxi by thugs dressed as police and one of them put a gun to his head but he didn’t care and they were robbed.

      The security guards deserve a promotion – they did their job very well given they were dealing with four trashy spoiled jocks who are an embarrassment to their country. Their job is to protect the station and not let people come and vandalize it and then just leave if they feel like it.

      Americans think they don’t have to settle damages and crimes they commit abroad. But now they find out that’s not the case – and provide entertainment to the entire world with the arrogant stupid jocks they have for athletes.

      Win-win all around!

  6. Keith Lloyd

    Kohen Kerr Dwayne Mortimer

    • avatar
      Caitlin Garrison

      And Sun Yang. I honestly think if Lochte were younger they would have stuck with him. He was at the end of this contract. Their statement is just blowing smoke. Whenever I hear a company called a family I roll my eyes. They are a business their job is to make money.

    • avatar
      Caitlin Garrison

      Especially to your mother. And if you do make sure she doesn’t blab to the press.

  7. avatar
    Caitlin Garrison

    Grow up, they are a business not his mother.

  8. avatar
    Susan Marsh

    Enough already. Ryan has fallen on his sword. He admitted he lied, apologized to the whole world, said he was acting immaturely (who hasn’t!), was beyond intoxicated and has lost his endorsement deals and who knows what the Swimming Assn. is going to do. Maybe all you perfect people who have never made mistakes or lied or drank too much can continue to throw stones at Ryan ~ what, no takers?? Stay strong Ryan. Some of us are human and, although disappointed in your behaviour, believe you are sincerely sorry and know that you will move on and be a better person.

    • avatar

      Susan, I’m with you. I am often amazed in a world of imperfect people that we can be so harsh when we see others acting imperfectly. How we are so judgmental about someone telling a lie, while knowing most of us told at least one lie earlier today. While we love heroes, we really love to see them fail, so that we can ponce on them and make them one of us. Do your thing Ryan. Get back in the pool and earn the respect of the one person that really matters…..you. Best of luck

    • avatar

      You mean that half-assed apology concocted by his PR firm that he gave only because he was caught? The only consequence he has faced so far is the loss of some sponsors – but he is still a criminal on the run.

      He should be made to agree to a plea bargain with Brazilian authorities and pay the applicable fine as a donation to a charity as well.

      He can then move on like starring on his next reality show “Toilet Training with Ryan Lochte”…

      • avatar

        The diarrhea continues to fall out of your mouth.

      • avatar

        Clearly Alessandra does not have the mental aptitude to debate in a civilized manner. Resorting to personal attacks and personally demeaning comment only further illustrates her lack of character and intellectual ability. Congratulations to Aimee for actually posting a link to an investigative report that gets at the FACTS as opposed to much of the ignorant Neanderthal diatribe, personal attacks, and rant.

      • avatar

        Here are the FACTS from the investigative report Part 1:
        It seems that the Brazilian government have been caught for being more corrupt and are just as guilty as Lochte for fabricating lies and only selectively releasing information that supports the version that they want the public to know.

        Based on an investigative report published today (http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/rio-2016/2016/08/21/investigation-ryan-lochte-rio-Olympics-authorities/89082232/) that tells the story in its entirety, no facilities were damaged in the restroom, the swimmers broke no laws, the Brazilian security guards and authorities broke laws and committed fraudulent acts, and the swimmers were robbed at gun point.

        Testimony from a witnesses, the DJ who did the interpreting, and video clearly show that the four swimmers never went in or near the restroom – period. So no damage was done by them to that facility as has been alleged. The four admittedly did relieve themselves behind the building because the restroom was out of order. Only a poster was damaged outside.

        According to practicing Brazilian lawyer no false claim law was broken since Lochte and Feigen did not file a claim with the police or an agency. “Deborah Srour, an attorney who has practiced in Brazil for 25 years, said, ‘the two swimmers’ actions do not constitute a crime based on a strict reading of the Brazilian penal code.’

        ‘This crime only happens when you go to the police and you make a report, you file a report,’ said Srour, who added that she has represented Americans arrested in Brazil. ‘This did not happen.’

        She said any case against Lochte could very well be dismissed with the help of a local attorney. But she also said BRAZILIAN COURTS ARE NOTORIOUS for pursuing cases such as Lochte’s if charges are filed and that authorities could use Interpol and other international organizations to complicate his overseas travel.

        I’m not saying his travel is going to be hindered right now or anything,’ she said. ‘But it’s just going to be a nuisance for him. So he should just apologize and pay the fine and that’s it.’ ” The bottom line is that Lochte needs to just pay the extortion or face the wrath of a third world corrupt Brazilian judicial and law enforcement systems.

      • avatar

        PART 2:
        Additionally, the article clearly shows that the four swimmers were, in their opinion robbed. The money was taken from them not as compensation, but for their “attitude”, according to the witness/translator. (Now the vigilante justice system and overwhelming criminal activity in Brazil by the Brazilian “security guards” in this case becomes much more clear). According the article, Brazilian Judge João Batista Damasceno now does not discard the possibility that the guards’ actions could be RIGHTLY INTERPRETED AS ROBBERY. He says, “If they only asked for the amount of the damage, it may not be a robbery. But IF THE AMOUNT TAKEN IS HIGHER than the value of the damages, WITH THE USE OF A WEAPON by the ‘security,’ THIS IS ROBBERY.” Damasceno added, “even if someone has the right to receive compensation, that DOES NOT MEAN THEY CAN determine the amount on their own and take actions such as DRAWING GUNS TO COLLECT. Brazilian law rarely allows for a person to obtain such a payment through the use of their own force – such disputes should be mediated by the state.” Deluz, the interpreter, said a station employee had established the cost of the damage at 100 reais for the damaged sign, but the swimmers were forced to pay about 160 reais, – 100 reais plus a $20 bill. (Interesting omissions by the corrupt and lawless Brazilian authorities during their press conference, and ironic that portion of the video was deleted or missing and IS STILL NOT BEING RELEASED upon request.)

        And the “security guards” that flashed the badges and pulled their guns…they too should be prosecuted for breaking the Brazilian law since Police Chief Veloso admitted during a Thursday news conference the men are state agents – it is common for Brazilian law enforcement to carry out private security on their off hours, though (as has been confirmed through other sources for prison guards like these) it is ILLEGAL. So here we have “security guards” performing an ILLEGAL function, flashing their badges ILLEGALLY, and holding/extorting money from people ILLEGALLY at gunpoint, according to the Brazilian Judge. Seems as though the rampant corruption and crime in Brazil is pervasive throughout the entire law enforcement community and extortion is common in order to not get shot (or by law enforcement to not have your travel records in INTERPOL ruined).

        So much of Lochte’s story, although embellished, was true. And all of Bentz’s and Conger’s is confirmed by the investigative reporting. Brazil ought too look in the mirror and solve its own massive third world problems that have rightfully earned it a reputation as the most crime ridden country in the world before trying to manipulate facts to its advantage about a couple of people going to the bathroom; then being held up and robbed at gunpoint by corrupt people for more than damages; followed by extortion for a crime that did not exist. IT IS WONDERFUL THAT IN THE END TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!

      • avatar

        1. “the swimmers broke no laws,”

        Of course they did, and we can see part of that on the videos. Brazil has laws against vandalism, among others, and we can see Ryan tearing down the sign.

        2. And if you, like these four twits, think that you can pee all over private property because you feel like it, you’ll discover that is also against the law. Maybe you should go watch the videos before copying and pasting all the click-bait nonsense USA TODAY published.

        3. “Srour, said, ‘the two swimmers’ actions do not constitute a crime based on a strict reading of the Brazilian penal code.’

        So she is saying that there are different ways the penal code could potentially be read. I think the reading the judge did is correct. You don’t want to send police on a wild-goose chase investigation and waste precious resources because some American retard wants to make up and report on TV robbery crimes that never happened.

        4. The bottom line is that Lochte needs to just pay the extortion…

        A fine agreed to in a plea bargain is not extortion. You can look up “extortion” in a dictionary because you clearly don’t know what it means.

        5. Additionally, the article clearly shows that the four swimmers were, in their opinion robbed.

        And in Bernie Madoff’s own opinion, he’s a terrific guy, a little angel really. And in Hillary Clinton’s own opinion she should be president instead of spending the rest of her days in jail for all the crimes she has committed.

        The fact is they weren’t robbed and just spun the whole robbery tale to lie and cover up what they did and to lie about the fact that security was just doing their job and doing it well.

        6. So much of Lochte’s story, although embellished, was true.

        And yet regarding the all the main points he either told lies or omitted them which only contributed to making the whole claim a bigger whopper.

        7. You also omitted that it was the swimmers themselves who offered the amount they paid and they had a lot more money with them – which security did not ask for and did not take.

        8. The most corrupt country in the world is the US and now it has a bunch of drunk liars caught on video to add to the proof.

      • avatar

        Jim wrote August 22, 2016: The diarrhea continues to fall out of your mouth.

        The only diarrhea here is coming out of your mouth.

  9. avatar

    Just a bad combination. He apologized and is paying the price, it makes sense. As much as we d like it not to have happened there are many indications that he did lie. ( clear evidence, not press releases). You just live and learn and move on from there.

  10. avatar
    Susan Marsh

    Oh Kelly, I don’t you are now clearly out of your depth. Be careful this is an international publication. Your comments besides being incorrect, they continue to validate the ” Ugly American” global myth.

    • avatar
      Susan Marsh

      Use your own name and not someone who is already posting!!!

  11. avatar

    Two things they also took into consideration when they cut ties with him:
    #1 He is 32 and not a kid anymore
    #2 He was practically non-existent at the Games as far as performance goes.

  12. avatar
    Bruce Betger

    Wow, here’s a guy who has never tested positive for drugs and the corporate sponsors are dropping him like a hot potato for a very minor incident. Why don’t the corporate sponsors of some of the athletes who competed in Rio who have had positive drug tests drop them. This is a sad statement by Speedo and Ralph Lauren.

  13. avatar

    You outraged Lochte defenders don’t seem to get it any more than he does with his BS apology. Many of you don’t seem aware of the facts. Those guys were being held by the security guards (rightfully) and pleaded with them to let them go before the police arrived. They offered to pay for the damages so they would be allowed to leave (about $50). The $11k that Feigen paid wasn’t for property damage. He was fined for making false statements to the police (backing up Lochte’s lies), which is also illegal in the US, last time I checked.

    What you don’t seem to grasp, in this culture of entitled divas, is that those sponsors don’t owe Lochte anything! He isn’t entitled to their corporate support or their money. It’s the other way around. He owes them! Because of his willful and inexplicably poor decisions (lying to the world media) the Lochte brand is a liability, not an asset to them now. They are not obligated to go down with him. He failed to live up to his end of the deal. Period.

    • avatar
      Bruce Berger

      I don’t disagree with Guppy, point taken but what about the continued corporate support of known drug cheats?

  14. avatar

    Speedo also announced that they would be donating a “$50,000 portion of Lochte’s fee to Save The Children, a global charity partner of Speedo USA’s parent company, for children in Brazil.”
    What Lochte should have already announced he would do, but is too cheap to do so.

    Anyways, aside from providing a good lesson to all other spoiled brats around the world, at least Lochte’s actions have finally indirectly done some good.

    • avatar

      I’ll pay 50k to any charity if you’ll shut your lying mouth.

  15. avatar
    Bill V.

    From Ch-ching to ch-GONG.

  16. avatar
    Susan Marsh

    The real facts are coming out now. Maybe Speedo, Ralph Lauren etc. should not have rushed to judgment and waited for the details, as all you Ryan bashers should have. Time to get back to business and corporate America realize that you should reinstate Ryan and show us that he is a worthy ambassador for your products. Time to move on and let Ryan have his time of reflection and come to terms with what his behavior and maturity need to be going forward. 2020 Ryan ~ expect to see you there.