SWIM Magazine January 2004


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She’s Just That Good!

By Tate Hurvitz. Caroline Krattli, 41, is more than just the best in the world—she’s redefining what is possible in her sport.


Learn from the Masters: The Wave Breaststroke

By Caroline Krattli. World record holder Caroline Krattli illustrates her unmatched technique and demonstrates a drill than can improve your breaststroke.


Strokes on Canvas

By Nan Kappeler. Without the help of Masters swimming, artist Brenda Bredvic insists she would never have been able to experience the improvements in her strokes—both in the water and on canvas.


Back in the Pool

By Pamela LeBlanc. Eddie Reese has been prowling the pool deck for years as a coach, but now he’s getting a new perspective—by swimming in the U.S. Masters program.


The Waterman Collecteth

By Tito Morales. For 15 years, Chuck Kroll has collected over 12,000 pieces of aquatic memorabilia—from the days of Ben Franklin to Doc Counsilman and most everything in between.