SWIM Magazine September 2004


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A Lap around the World 

By Karen Chase. Life can be so much more exciting when you have the opportunity to swim away from home. It’s a great way to get a unique view of a place and its culture when you look at it through your googles!


Blinded by the Light 

By Bill Volckening. Seven-time U.S Paralympian Trischa Zorn, a visually-impaired Masters swimmer from Indy SwimFit, credits swimming for many of the skills that are now part of her life, such as dedication, determination, discipline and time management.


Got Water, Get Fluid

By Hermine Terhorst. Relax, be soft, go with the flow and get fluid. Let your bones do the work instead of working too hard with your muscles. Improve your swimming with Pilates.


Triathletes Among Us 

By Kair Lydersen. The three female triathletes who represented the United States at the Olympic Games in Athens – Susan Williams, Barb Lindquist and Shelia Taormina – were all elite swimmers in the “first phase” of their competitive careers.


Is That We Can 

By Tito Morales. The big picture of Masters swimming is that we swim not only because we derive a tremendous amount of pleasure from swimming, but because – just like amputees Dom Aiello and Paul Cook – we can.