SWIM Magazine February 1986


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Letters To The Editor


Financially Fit

By Keith V. Abramson, Esq


Swimming With The Common Cold

By John Meisenheimer, MD


Training & Injury Prevention

By Dr. Ted Becker


Cover Story: Steve Lundquist

By SWIM Magazine


Dentistry For Swimmers

By Linda Wasmer Smith


Building Your Endurance

By Lynne Cox


Sandy Neilson

By Chris Georges


Computerizing Your Swim Meets

By Terrance Tokuuke


1986 USMS Indian River Nationals Entry Forms


Meets Across The USA


Places To Swim

The Maui Channel Swim

By Frances Colella


Butterfly Stroke Drills

By Fred B. Hubbell


United States Masters Swimming

By Dorothy Donnelly


1985 USMS All Americans


North Dakota Is In!

By M. Corner & B. Weir


American Swimming Coaches Association

By John Leonard


Asmuth Challenges The Channel

By Diddo Clark


The Grand Piano

By Knome D. Plume