SWIM Magazine May 1993


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Lactic Acid Workouts

SCAQ Workout


Personal Best : A SWIM Interview with Vidal Sassoon

By Russell Whitten


Doing Your Best

By Tom Lyndon


USMS Committees Update


VideoReview: Sports Conditioning Exercises


Calendar of Events


Your Views


Editor’s Note


Lane Lines


Health Waves


Weight Training

By Richard Wincht


Nutrition: Fat Facts

By Ann Grandjean


USMS Clippings


Minding Masters

By Dorothy Donnelly


The Fifty Free

By Tom Lyndon


Swimming Technique

Working Out: The Maintenance Set. By Tom Lyndon.


1992 All-Americans & 1992 USMS/Finals All -Stars


What’s Your Biggest Reason for Being in Masters Swimming?




An Exercise in AQUALITY
By PM. Mullen, Jr. Swimming promotes equality between the sexes. It’s a sport in which strength and size can be less important than endurance and technique.


WaterPower Workouts: Exploding the Myth

By Lynda Huey. The benefits of water aerobic training can be enormous—even for the fittest of the fit.



By Christopher M. Kelly Choosing a swim fin can be serious business. Here’s the low down on all the latest training fins.


Seventeenth Century Swim Fins
By Frederic J. Foley. The newest training equipment turns out to be 300 years old.


Summer Skincare for Swimmers
By Dorothy O.  Swimming in chlorinated water, under a hot summer’s sun can rob you of a youthful glow—but not if you prepare and follow up properly