SWIM Magazine February 1985


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United States Masters Swimming

By Dot Donnelly


Financial Fitness

By Keith V. Abramson, J.D. The Flat Tax Proposal


The Missing 90%  

By Bill Beausay II. Brain Time and the Myth of Self -Programming



By Dr. Stuart H. Walker. An excerpt from “WINNING: The Psychology of Competition”


Why Measure Stroke Rate?

By Albert B. Craig, Jr. M.D. and Richard Kellerman, Ph.D.


Male vs Female

By John Troup, Ph.D. Implications for training


Long Course Top Ten Times


Poolside Personalities

By Jim Densmore. Bill and Kathy Greer


Swim Meets Across The USA


Freestyle Mini-Clinic

By Marianne Brems


The Grab Start vs The Track Start

By Richard LaRue


Synchronized Swimming

By Jane Katz, Ed.D. Synchro Nationals


The Presidential Sports Award

By Ash Hayes, Ed.D


Lifestyle and Disease Risk Factors

By William S. Weir, M.D


Information On The Toronto Masters Games


Psyching Out The Competition

By Knome D. Plume