Never Have I Ever: Swimming Edition


Never Have I Ever: Swimming Edition

By Gigi Picard, Swimming World College Intern

Every swimmer has to follow the dos and don’ts of swimming. I’m not talking about how to swim strokes or perfecting the start and flip turn. But, any decent swimmer has broken at least one rule. 

Let’s see how rebellious you have been by playing a game of….NEVER HAVE I EVER…

  1. Done a TikTok dance on deck or on the diving boards.
  2. Purposely or accidentally peed in your knee skin. 
  3. Needed more than one person to help you fit into the knee skin.
  4. Returned a suit after you had already worn it.
  5. “Borrowed” swim gear and never quite returned it. 
  6. Spent more time in the water to pee in the pool…more than once.
  7. Hogged the jets longer than you pinky promised.
  8. Been sprayed by the hose before, during or after practice.
  9. Drawn on or applied a tattoo while a teammate was sleeping.  
  10. Thrown up on deck at a meet or practice.
  11. Brought McDonald’s to a meet as an “energy boost.”
  12. Sneaked food or drinks from the coaches’ or officials’ concessions.
  13. Spilled a drink or food on deck or in the pool.
  14. Scarfed down food that fell on deck, citing the “5 second rule!”
  15. Did a 100 or less when the cool down was a 300.
  16. Used a hot tub as your warmup for a practice or meet.
  17. Did 5 pull ups when the set was 3×10.
  18. Screwed up the set more than once in a single practice.
  19. Bragged you met or are related to Michael Phelps or another swimmer to impress people.
  20. Told a “bit of a stretch” about your times or how much you lift to impress people.
  21. Used swimming as an excuse to get out of an event or a driving ticket.
  22. Stalked or slid into a famous swimmer’s DMs.
  23. Been the person who always needs something. 
  24. Soaked up all the warm water in the showers, leaving others to cold showers.
  25. Left rollers and weights scattered across the deck and never put them back.
  26. Lied to coach about why you couldn’t practice or why you had to leave early.
  27. Prepped and and blasted the holiday playlist in October.
  28. Dropped your or your teammate’s phone in the pool.
  29. Photo-bombed the winning relay’s team or any team picture.
  30. Broken the annual “No Shave November or December.”
  31. Been burned by the sun from an outdoor practice though you swore to coach you wore sunscreen.
  32. Lost a contact lens or jewelry or a bandaid in the pool. 
  33. Broken a lane line or have been screamed at to get off of the lane lines.
  34. Been nearly or have been knocked out by a kickboard immediately after balancing on it.
  35. Taken over and enjoyed the divers’ showers (who hasn’t, really?).
  36. Successfully slung your goggles to the flags.
  37. Taunted a rival team at a meet or joint practice. 
  38. Hit on or have been hit on by someone from a rival team during a meet.
  39. Had to leave the meet immediately after it was over because you “had other plans.”
  40. Lied while playing this innocent game.

So, what ended up being your score?

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