Natalie Hinds, Katie Hoff and Michael Chadwick Share Tips for Top Swimming Performance

Natalie Hinds, Katie Hoff and Michael Chadwick share their best tips and advice to swimmers.

Your favorite Olympians, Paralympians and Olympic legends give you tips for top swimming performance.

Swimming World and CG Sports Management have teamed together to create an exclusive weekly social media series on Swimming World Instagram. These star athletes share advice to swimmers including training tips, motivation and wisdom. Catch up on the first three episodes of the series:

Episode 1: Pre-Practice Push Ups with Natalie Hinds

Natalie Hinds is a 20x All-American, 2016 & 2020 US Olympic Trials Qualifier, and member of the ISL Cali Condors. She shares two variations of push-ups.

  1. Push ups with Medicine Ball– Hinds recommends 3 x 5-10 push ups. Keep the core and glutes tight with your hands under your shoulders. Make sure to switch between right and left arms and use knees to modify.
  2. Inchworm Push Ups– This exercise includes 3 rounds of 3-5 push ups. Hinds incorporates a jump at the top of each rep.

Episode 2: Activation Progression with Katie Hoff

2x Olympian and 3x Olympic Medalist Katie Hoff shows us five mini band activation progression exercises. She says these exercises can be completed prior to any workout.

Hoff gives a breakdown of the importance of the exercises as a preview of her newly launched company, Synergy Dryland. Hoff, alongside her husband and former NFL player Todd Anderson, launched Synergy Dryland last month. The goal of their company is to provide customized dryland training to individuals and teams. Hoff has experienced that effective dryland routines can correlate to success in the pool. The dryland program creates “synergy” between nutrition, sleep, recovery techniques, in water training, dryland (mobility, flexibility, power, strength, and endurance) and load management. Check out the activation progression and breakdown here:

Episode 3: Building Your House with Michael Chadwick

Michael Chadwick has earned much success in the pool. He is a Gold Medalist in the 400 Free Relay at the 2019 World Championships and 2x Gold, 1x Silver and 2x Bronze Medalist in the 2019 Pan American Championship. His success, however, is credited to establishing a solid foundation. The foundation for his life is based on purpose and faith. Chadwick talks growing on a strong foundation and placing too much weight on things that are fleeting.

The following question is proposed, “What are you building your house on?”

Episode 4: Boosting Mental Strength with Dr. Megan


Photo Courtesy: CG Sports Network

Next week, Swimming World introduces a special guest to the social media series. Sports Psychologist and member of CG Sports Management, Dr. Megan Cannon discusses the importance of mental strength. She relays her message by sharing a story about 12-time Olympic medalist, Natalie Coughlin. Make sure to watch episodes one, two, and three…..then, stay tuned for next week with Dr. Megan!