Nada Al Bedwawi Selected as UAE’s Olympic Flag Bearer

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Nada Al Bedwawi has been selected as the Olympic flag bearer for the United Arab Emirates. The 18 year old is one of four women and thirteen athletes on the Olympic team.

After the announcement, which left Al Bedwawi surprised, she told media, “It’s just amazing, I’m the first female swimmer and now I’m the flag-bearer too. It’s such an honour.”

National Olympic Committee Deputy Secretary Daood Al Hajri explained the selection, “We wanted to encourage a young, up-and-coming swimmer like Nada to carry the flag and we believe this will instill a great deal of confidence in her.”

Al Bedwawi is entered as a no time universality entry in the 50 freestyle.

Other swimmers selected as their nation’s flag bearers include Federica Pellegreni, Stephanie Au, and Vahan Mkhitaryan.

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