Mexico Monopolizes Medal Podium on Day Three of 2018 UANA Swimming Cup

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Brazil and Mexico continued to prove they came to swim fast in Coral Springs as both countries were consistently monopolizing the medal podium, posting quick times across all age-groups in the process. Check below for event-by-event coverage for day three of the 2018 UANA Swimming Cup in Coral Springs, Florida.

The girls 11-12 50 backstroke was won by Brazil’s Luiza Lima in 33.30 while Keianna Moss out of the Bahamas took second in a time of 33.71. Taking third was Emily Gutierrez Merino who took fourth in 34.16.

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The boys 11-12 50 backstroke was taken by Trinidad and Tobago’s Zarek Wilson who swam a 30.20 while Mexico’s Nagullasmu Arellane took second in 31.80. Simon Bermudez took third in 32.83.

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Mexico completed a 1-2-3 sweep of the girls 13-14 50 backstroke with Athena Meneses Kovacs, Celia Pulido Ortiz and Miranda Gallegos, each posting times of 30.74, 30.85 and 31.97, respectively.

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The Bahamas’ Lamar Taylor took the boys 13-14 50 backstroke in a 28.62 while Brazil’s Gabriel Nascimento took second in 29.21 and Argentina’s Ramiro Faya nabbed third in 29.33.

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The girls 15-17 50 backstroke was won by Mexico’s Sansores de la Fuent in 29.73 while Argentina completed a 2-3 finish with Valentina Arce Paez and Julieta Lema.

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Jack Kirby out of Barbados took the win in the boys 15-17 50 backstroke in a 26.63 while Mexico’s Guillermo Cruz Zuniga took second in 26.73. Brazil’s Matheus Zacharias took third in 27.16.

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In the girls 11-12 100 freestyle was taken by Brazil’s Santos Perola in 1:02.25 while Mexico’s Sofia Laureano Perez took second in 1:03.17. Brazil’s Lima touched third in 1:03.23.


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Brazil’s Joao Pierre Campos took the boys 11-12 100 freestyle in a 56.57 while Wilson took second in 58.30. Mexico’s Emiliano Moreno Viera nabbed the bronze in 59.46.

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Mexico’s Meneses Kovacs took the girls 13-14 100 freestyle in 58.13 while Venezuela’s Fabiana Pesce took second in 59.24 and Logan Watson-Brown touched third in 59.79.

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Mexico’s Victor Salcedo Carillo took the boys 13-14 100 freestyle in a 54.00 while Brazil’s Gustavo Saldo touched second in a time of 54.24. Lamar out of the Bahamas swam a 54.77 for third.

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The girls 15-17 100 freestyle was taken by a pair of Argentine swimmers, Julieta Lema and Delfina Pignatiello while Mexico’s Dalahi Meza Coronado took third.

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The boys 15-17 100 freestyle was won by Mexico’s Cruz Zuniga in 51.17 while Colombia’s Aguilera Gonzalez took second in 51.71. Brazil’s Zacharias was third with his 51.96.

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Panama’s Emily Santos took the girls 11-12 100 freestyle in 1:16.13 while Paraguay’s Astrid Caballero took second in 1:17.68. Brazil’s Santos nabbed the bronze in 1:21.67.

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Nigel Forbes out of the Bahamas won the 100 breaststroke for the 11-12 boys in a 1:15.07 while Breno Baspo from Brazil took second in 1:16.06. Mexico’s Nathan Ochoa Neuroth earned bronze in 1:18.91.

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Selene Alborzen from Argentina won the girls 13-14 100 breaststroke in 1:14.29 while Brazil’s Katya Fonseca and Micaela Sierra took second and third.

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Argentina’s Juan Bautista Carroccia won the boys 13-14 100 breaststroke in 1:05.86 while Brazil’s Raphael Windmuller and Mexico’s Max Vega Cuevas took second and third in 1:07.32 and 1:10.09, respectively.

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The girls 15-17 100 breaststroke was taken by Mexico’s Maria Jimenez Peon while Argentina’s Valenina Marcantonio took second and Chade Nersicio took third.

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The boys 15-17 100 breaststroke was nabbed by Izaak Bastian in 1:04.37 while Argentina’s Kevin Diaz Wurg swam a 1:05.51 for the silver and Costa Rica’s Jose David Solis swam a 1:06.02 for the bronze.

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Mexico’s Laureano Perez took the girls 11-12 50 butterfly in 30.14 while Paraguay’s Caballero was a 31.42 for silver and Trinidad’s Zoe Anthony was a 31.44 for third.

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Brazil’s Joao Pierre Campos took the boys 11-12 50 butterfly in 28.08 while Christopher Gossman took second in 28.36. Forbes from the Bahamas took third in 28.68.

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The girls 13-14 50 butterfly was nabbed by Meneses Kovacs and Pulido Ortiz out of Mexico while Venezuela’s Pesce took the bronze.

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Brazil’s Gabriel Diaz took the boys 13-14 50 butterfly title in a 26.46 with Lamar from the Bahamas right behind in 26.59. Joao Pedro from Brazil swam a 27.04 for the bronze.

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Venezuela’s Lismar Lyon swam a 27.97 for the gold in the girls 15-17 50 butterfly while Colombia’s Becerra took the silver with a 28.41 with Chade Nersicio took the bronze with her time of 28.60.


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Mexico’s Cruz Zuniga took the boys 15-17 50 butterfly in 24.95. Trinidad’s Kael Yorke touched second in 25.52 while Mauricio Payne took the third spot in 25.74.

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Brazil managed to nab the win in the mixed 11-12 4×50 freestyle relay in a 1:50.06 while Mexico dominated both the mixed 13-14 freestyle relay and the mixed 15-17 freestyle relay with times of 1:44.62 and 1:41.38, respectively.

For complete results, click here.

Photos courtesy of Dave Brewington and aboobarley Photography.

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