Merrimack College Signs 9-year-old Molly McBryan to 2017-18 Roster


NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. – Continuing the rich department-wide tradition that does so much for the teams and players, the Merrimack College women’s swimming team and head coach Erin Cammann in conjunction with the Team IMPACT program officially signed and welcomed Molly McBryan to the program this weekend.

Molly becomes the latest relationship that brings together Merrimack Athletics and Team IMPACT, which enriches the lives of young children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through the power of team. Molly, age 9, of Amesbury, Massachusetts, was diagnosed in 2010 with Neurofibromatosis.

As a member of the team, Molly will attend Warrior practices, meets, team dinners, special events, and much more.

“As coaches, we are always looking for athletes with mental toughness and positive attitudes,” explained head coach Cammann. “Molly is a shining example of both, and we are lucky that she is joining our squad. She’s a great example to all of us, and she also makes everyone around her happier. She will be a great addition to the team.”

This past Saturday, Molly visited the Andover YMCA, the home venue for the Warriors, to officially sign as the newest member of the team. Cammann and many members of the women’s swimming team were on hand to spend the morning with Molly at the pool and have lunch with her.

About Team IMPACT

Team IMPACT is a national nonprofit headquartered in Boston, MA that connects children facing serious or chronic illnesses with college athletic teams, forming life-long bonds and life-changing outcomes. Since 2011, Team IMPACT has matched more than 1,300 children with more than 500 colleges and universities in 47 states, reaching over 35,000 participating student-athletes. The child joins the athletic team and the student-athletes join the child’s support team. Throughout the journey, the child gains strength, camaraderie and support while the student-athletes experience lessons of courage, resiliency and perspective they can’t learn in a classroom.

For more information on Team IMPACT, please click here.

Press release courtesy of Merrimack College Athletics. 


  1. Sean Doyle

    Way to go Coach Erin McBreen Cammann and your team!!!!!!!!

  2. Laura Szykula

    As someone with a severe case of neurofibromatosis I’m so grateful Wendy showed me this. How encouraging and brave this young lady is!!

  3. Jonna Waller

    This is awesome and so inspiring.

  4. avatar

    I knew Molly would enjoy being apart of something like this. But to see first hand how it has changed her attitude about her challenges, her self-esteem is on the rise, has finally found a sport she can participate in and is loving it, its pretty amazing.
    This opportunity is much more than just something fun for her to do to take her mind off of her problems for a while, it is truly changing who she is and she can carry this experience with her into her future. I can’t thank those involved enough. Amazing. Thank you all! <3