Last Week in Meet Results Uploaded to the Hy-Tek Database: January 22

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 22. THIS past week, several meet directors took advantage of the added exposure available with the Hy-Tek/ meet upload feature in the Hy-Tek Meet Manager 2.0E software.

The following meets that took place this past week were uploaded directly to our server:

Pacific Coast All Star Meet – (01-20-2007 – 01-21-2007)
Missouri State U Southern Illinois U – (01-20-2007 – 01-20-2007)
STSL-East Meet 3 – (01-20-2007 – 01-20-2007)
Eastern vs KSC – (01-20-2007 – 01-20-2007)
WP Internet Distance Meet – (01-19-2007 – 01-19-2007)
STSL-East Distance Meet – (01-19-2007 – 01-19-2007)
KSC vs Plymouth – (01-17-2007 – 01-17-2007)
WP Internet Distance Meet – (01-15-2007 – 01-15-2007)

For an example of how to increase your meet's exposure even further, one of these meets e-mailed our newsmaster account with a press release detailing the event. That release was then published on our College Channel as follows:

Missouri State versus Southern Illinois:
Click here for a full recap of the meet.

If you manage a high school, club or age group meet, you can provide us with a short recap of meets that you upload through Hy-Tek to make an even bigger impact on your exposure. Please make sure to mention all record performances and anyone that wins more than one individual event in your recaps. will then attach the Hy-Tek results upload of that meet to your release and post it on the appropriate channel.