Katie Ledecky Cranks Out 4:01 in 400 Free at TYR Pro Swim Series Richmond (RACE VIDEO)

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Katie Ledecky swam her fastest 400 free of the year on Friday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond with a 4:01.50 to lower her 4:02.71 season best from the Pro Swim Series in Knoxville. Ledecky won handily over Leah Smith (4:05.17) who has returned to the state of Virginia where she spent four years of college training in Charlottesville. Smith also swam the sixth fastest 400 free of the year with her swim in Richmond.

Ledecky is still second in the world rankings behind Australia’s Ariarne Titmus, who dipped under 4:00 earlier this week at the Australian Swimming Championships. Titmus and Ledecky will go head to head at the World Championships later this summer, assuming Titmus qualifies for the team.

Kaersten Meitz was all by herself in third place with a 4:09.20 as she was a little off her best time of 4:07 from last summer. She will represent the United States at the World University Games later this summer.

Katie Drabot (4:11.75) placed fourth as she swam her second race of the night after placing second in the 200 fly to start off the night. Hali Flickinger (4:13.80) was fifth here as she swam her third event of the night.

14-year-old rising star Claire Tuggle (4:14.48) was sixth while Hannah Moore (4:15.22) and Madelyn Donohoe (4:16.71) placed seventh and eighth.


  1. Katie Ledecky, USA, 4:01.50
  2. Leah Smith, USA, 4:05.17
  3. Kaersten Meitz, USA, 4:09.20
  4. Katie Drabot, USA, 4:11.75
  5. Hali Flickinger, USA, 4:13.80
  6. Claire Tuggle, USA, 4:14.48
  7. Hannah Moore, USA, 4:15.22
  8. Madelyn Donohoe, USA, 4:16.71

2019 World Rankings:

  1. Ariarne Titmus, AUS, 3:59.66
  2. Katie Ledecky, USA, 4:01.50
  3. Li Bingjie, CHN, 4:03.77
  4. Ajna Kesely, HUN, 4:05.12
  5. Leah Smith, USA, 4:05.17
  6. Boglarka Kapas, HUN, 4:05.56
  7. Veronika Popova, RUS, 4:06.01
  8. Anna Egorova, RUS, 4:06.79


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    What were her splits?

  2. Joel Gitlin

    Wow is right🏊‍♂️

  3. Eric Valley

    What’s the record? She has it, right?

    • Eric Valley

      She does – Rio 2016, 3:56.46

  4. Tanya Pinto

    Ariane Titmus went 3.59 at Australian nationals this week!

  5. Kate Ericsson

    OMG. We need to swim faster Carolyn Lowe-Thompson

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    Stacy Skeen Kirkpatrick Jill Massie-Braun Karen Thor Bland.. Wow!!

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    Akiane 🤭🤭🤭

  10. Brett Robinson

    Look at the times from the Swimming Australia National Open that just finished. Australia’s Arnie swam 3.59 for the 400 Free.

    • Sarah Binks

      Brett to be fair it does say that about Arnie in the article

  11. Lisa M Weir

    Ariarne Titmus 400 Free 3:59.56 Australian Championships last week 🏊🏼‍♀️🥇

  12. Matthew Day

    “…of the year”. Except for not at all, because someone else swam it quicker, and you even listed Ledecky as second fastest in the article. 🙄

    Let me guess… is Swimming World an American publication?

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      Andy Ross

      “Swam her fastest 400 free of the year” as in it is her season best time.