Italy’s Linda Cerruti Shines at 2018 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series

Photo Courtesy: Joao Marc Bosch

Linda Cerruti, from Italy, was the star of the fourth meet of the 2018 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series, held in Samorin (SVK) on May 11-13. The Italian star earned four gold medals, being the best in both the Solo and Duet events. The remaining titles of the competition went to Belarus, Slovakia, Spain and Ukraine.

Cerruti won the Solo finals with respectively 84.7075 and 88.7000 for the technical and free routines. Pairing with Costanza Ferro in Duet, they collected 84.6770 points in the technical final and 88.9000 in the free programme. Vasiliki Alexandri (AUT) and Vasilina Khandoshka (BLR) got the minor medals in the solo events, while pairs from Belarus, Slovakia and Spain completed the podium positions in Duet.

In Team, Belarus (technical) and Ukraine (free) got the two gold medals at stake, with Austria and Spain also shining in both events. Ukraine was also the squad to beat in the Free Combination final, which saw Belarus getting the silver and Hungary collecting the bronze medal.

The fifth meet of the Series (with a total of 10 legs) will be staged in Budapest (HUN), on May 18-20, 2018.

Medallists in Samorin (SVK):

Solo Technical
1. Linda Cerruti (ITA), 84.7075; 2. Vasiliki Alexandri (AUT), 82.0336; 3. Vasilina Khandoshka (BLR), 80.0172

Solo Free
1. Linda Cerruti (ITA), 88.7000; 2. Vasilina Khandoshka (BLR), 85.1000; 3. Vasiliki Alexandri (AUT), 84.9000

Duet Technical
1. Costanza Ferro/Linda Cerruti (ITA), 84.6770; 2. Iryna Limanouskaya/Veronika Yesipovich (BLR), 80.3430; 3. Diana Miskechova/Nada Daabousova (SVK), 76.1035

Duet Free
1. Costanza Ferro/Linda Cerruti (ITA), 88.9000; 2. Irene Jimenez Perez/Iris Tio (ESP), 84.3000; 3. Veronika Yesipovich/Iryna Limanouskaya (BLR), 83.9668

Team Technical
1. Belarus, 82.4663; 2. Ukraine, 82.0977; 3. Austria, 74.1889

Team Free
1. Ukraine, 84.4668; 2. Spain, 83.1332; 3. Belarus, 82.5000

Free Combination
1. Ukraine, 84.4668; 2. Belarus, 82.4000; 3. Hungary, 75.2000

Team Highlight
1. Slovakia, 73.0668

Mixed Duet Technical
1. Nayara Maria Pena/Ibon Garcia (ESP), 68.8183

Mixed Duet Free
1. Nayara Maria Pena/Ibon Garcia (ESP), 68.3000

2018 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series Calendar:

1 – Paris-Montreuil (FRA): March 9-11
2 – Beijing (CHN): April 20-22
3 – Tokyo (JPN): April 27-30
4 – Samorin (SVK): May 11-13
5 – Budapest (HUN): May 18-20
6 – Madrid (ESP): May 25-27
7 – Surrey BC (CAN): May 31- June 2
8 – Los Angeles (USA): June 7-9
9 – Syros Island (GRE): June 15-17
10 – Tashkent (UZB): June 29-July 1

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