ISL Match 8 Day 1: Energy Standard Takes Lead behind Mary-Sophie Harvey; Current’s Abbey Weitzeil Breaks American Record

Mary-Sophie Harvey (photo: Mike Lewis)
Energy Standard's Mary-Sophie Harvey. Photo Courtesy: Mike Lewis/ISL

The eighth match of the International Swimming League (ISL) kicked off Saturday as Energy Standard, the London Roar, L.A. Current and Tokyo Frog Kings faced off in Naples.

Sarah Sjostrom planned to return to action for Energy Standard and Kyle Chalmers making his individual-race season debut for London.

Energy Standard was aided by victories from Siobhan Haughey, Ilya Shymanovich and Mary-Sophie Harvey. Harvey finished in the top three in three individual races on the day.

ISL Match 8 Day 1 Team Scores

  1. Energy Standard, 260
  2. London Roar, 238
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings, 168
  4. LA Current, 164

ISL Season 3 standings

  1. Cali Condors 15
  2. Toronto Titans 10
  3. LA Current 9
  4. Energy Standard 8
  5. London Roar 7
  6. Aqua Centurions 6
  7. Team Iron 5
  8. DC Trident 4
  9. Tokyo Frog Kings 3
  10. NY Breakers 3

Event-by-event summary below:



Women’s 100 Butterfly

London’s Emma McKeon started the meet with a strong showing in the 100 butterfly, winning the race in 55.44, more than a second ahead of the field and just 22 hundredths off of the ISL record in the event.

Energy Standard’s Anastasiya Shkurdai took second in 56.59, followed by LA Current’s Anna Ntountounaki at 56.76.

McKeon’s time took the jackpot points from two competitors in the field.


Men’s 100 Butterfly

LA Current’s Tom Shields was the only swimmer in the field to break 49 seconds as he touched the wall in 48.90 to win the men’s 100 butterfly to begin the men’s races in the eighth ISL match of the season. He took the jackpot points of two racers.

Energy Standard’s Chad le Clos finished second in 49.58, followed by LA’s Tomoe Hvas (50.24), giving the Current a 1-3 finish and 18 points in the event.


Women’s 200 Backstroke

Ingrid Wilm gave the LA Current their second win in a row as she touched the wall in 2:02.26 to win the women’s 200 backstroke. She was 28 hundredths ahead of London’s Minna Atherton (2:02.54).

Energy Standard’s Mary-Sophie Harvey took third in 2:04.12 to hold off Tokyo’s Gabby DeLoof by five hundredths of a second.


Men’s 200 Backstroke

No jackpot points in this one as London Roar’s Christian Diener took first in the 200 backstroke in 1:50.12. But it was big point for the Roar, who went 1-3 with Luke Greenbank taking third (1:50.51), making it 15 points for London in the event.

Energy Standard’s Evgeny Rylov was second in 1:50.49.


Women’s 200 Breaststroke

Energy Standard’s Evgenia Chikunova won the 200 breaststroke in 2:18.44 to finish just ahead of Tokyo’s Kanako Watanabe (2:18.70) and London’s Annie Lazor (2:19.33).

It was enough to steal the jackpot points of two in the field.


Men’s 200 Breaststroke

Back-to-back wins for Energy Standard as Ilya Shymanovich won the men’s 200 breaststroke in 2:02.10.

Tokyo’s Daiya Seto finished second in 2:02.83, followed by LA Current’s Christopher Rothbauer (2:04.34).


Women’s 400 Freestyle Relay

Energy Standard earned the huge ISL-relay winning 38 points with its performance in the 400 freestyle relay, touching the wall in 3:27.65 to win by nearly two seconds.

Siobhan Haughey led off in a 51.32 split, followed by Femke Heemskerk (51.63), Fanny Teijonsalo (52.91) and Sarah Sjostrom (51.79).

Tokyo’s Catie DeLoof, Mallory Comerford, Julie Meynen and Chihiro Igarashi took second in 3:29.49.

London’s Emma McKeon, Marie Wattel, Andi Murez and Kira Toussaint took third in 3:29.71.


Men’s 50 Freestyle

Kyle Chalmers made his individual-race debut with a victory for the London Roar in the 50 freestyle. Chalmers was the lone swimmer to break 21 seconds and touched the wall in 20.80 to earn the victory.

Energy Standard’s Ben Proud was second in 21.04, followed by Tokyo’s Vladimir Morozov (21.26).


Women’s 50 Freestyle

LA Current’s Abbey Weitzeil put together a quick burst of speed to win the women’s 50 freestyle in 23.44. Her time was a hundredth of a second faster than her own previous American record in the event.

She took the jackpot points from two of the competitors and held off Energy Standard’s Sarah Sjostrom (.2347) and London’s Emma McKeon (23.65).


Men’s 200 IM

The London Roar earned some big points with a 1-2 finish in the 200 IM. Duncan Scott won the race in 1:52.73, nearly a second-and-a-half ahead of the field, earning jackpot points form three competitors, two of whom (Abrahm DeVine and Tomoe Hvas) who were disqualified.

London’s Vini Lanza was second in 1:54.00 and Tokyo’s Daniil Pastynokov was third ahead of Daiya Seto (1:55.99).


Women’s 200 IM

Energy Standard’s Mary-Sophie Harvey put together her second strong race of the day. This time, ti was enough for a sixth-hundredths of a second win over London’s Sydney Pickrem.

Harvey won the race in 2:05.15, just ahead of Pickrem (2:05.21) and got one place worth of jackpot points.

Tokyo’s Yui Ohashi took third in 2:07.01.


Men’s 50 Breaststroke

Energy Standard put together a solid 1-2 finish to earn 26 points in the men’s 50 breaststroke. Ilya Shymanovich won the race in 25.64 to score 19 points on his own, taking the jackpot points from four of the eight competitors in the race.

Teammate Felipe Lima finished second in 26.08 to hold off Tokyo’s Alessandro Pinzuti (26.23).


Women’s 50 Breaststroke

London got a huge performance from Alia Atkinson, who won the women’s 50 breaststroke in 29.47 and scored 19 points, taking the jackpot points from half of the field.

Energy Standard’s Benedetta Pilato food seconding 29.51, followed by LA’s Imogen Clark (29.47). Tokyo’s Miranda Tucker took fourth in 30.08, the last competitor to hang on to their own points in the race.


Men’s 400 Freestyle Relay

The London Roar won the 400 freestyle relay in 3:05.84 to earn 30 ISL points for the team. Kyle Chalmers split a 46.13 to start the race, followed by Dylan Carter (45.91), Katsumi Nakamura (46.28) and Edward Mildred (47.52).

Energy Standard’s Chad le Clos, Florent Manaudou, Evegeny Rylov and Kliment Kolesnikov took second in 3:06.55.

LA Current’s Maxime Rooney, Apostolos Christou, Tom Shields and Brett Pinfold took third in 3:06.82.


Women’s 50 Backstroke

LA Current’s Ingrid Wilm and London Roar’s Kira Toussaint tied to win the 50 backstroke, each touching the wall in 26.08 to earn eight points.

Meanwhile, Energy Standard’s Mary-Sophie Harvey took third (26.15) in her third individual race of the day, finishing ahead of Tokyo’s Catie DeLoof (26.88).


Men’s 50 Backstroke

London’s Guilherme Guido put together a strong swim in the 50 backstroke to win in 22.88, taking the  ISL jackpot points from three competitors and scoring 15 points for the Roar.

LA Current’s Ryan Held finished second din 23.17, followed by Energy Standard’s Evgeny Rylov (23.27).


Women’s 400 Free

Energy Standard’s Siobhan Haughey took the jackpot points of two competitors to score 18 points on her way to winning the 400 freestyle in 4:00.23.

Haughey finished ahead of Tokyo’s Paige Madden, who was second in 4:01.19. LA’s Valentine Dumont was third in 4:04.60.


Men’s 400 Freestyle

London’s Duncan Scott earned another victory for the Roar, this time, touching the wall in 3:39.52 to win the 400 freestyle. He scored 13 points in the event.

The LA Current scored 15, going 2-3 with Martin Malyutin (3:43.08) and Breno Correia (3:43.91).


Women’s 400 Medley Relay

The most thrilling race of the day came in the 400 medley relay as the London Roar held off the LA Current by one hundredth of a second to claim victory in the event.

The Roar scored 24 points to win in 3:48.04. The Current scored 14 points and finished in 3:48.05.

London’s Kira Toussaint led off with a 56.49. backstroke leg, followed by Alia Atkinson (1:03.81) in the breaststroke, Emma McKeon (55.45) in the butterfly and Marie Wattel (52.29) in the freestyle.

The Current saw Ingrid Wilm (56.25), Anastasia Gorbenko (1:04.56), Anna Ntountounaki (56.19) and Abbey Weitzeil (51.05) nearly earn the victory.

Energy Standard’s Mary-Sophie Harvey, Evgenia Chikunova, Anastasiya Shkurdai and Sarah Sjostrom finished third in 3:49.30.


Men’s 400 Medley Relay

Energy Standard won the men’s medley relay in 3:22.19, holing off the London Roar by six hundredths of a second to earn 18 points.

Evgeny Rylov split a 50.41, followed by Ilya Shymanovich (55.15), Chad le Clos (49.88) and Florent Manaudou (46.75) to earn the win for Energy Standard.

London’s Guilherme Guido (49.30), Ross Murdoch (57.59), Vini Lanza (50.38) and Kyle Chalmers (44.98) finished second in 3:22.25.

Tokyo’s Grigory Tarasevich, Yasuhiro Koseki, Takeshki Kawamoto and Nandor Nemeth took third in 3:23.63.