How Fast Have They Gone? Check Out Current Swimming Records

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Swimming Records

In this competitive lull in the sport, it seemed like an appropriate time for readers to familiarize themselves with just how fast the men and women we watch have gone. So, Swimming World is directing its readership to its resource of records. A little more than a year shy of the rescheduled Olympic Games in Tokyo, how many of the standards currently on the board will still be alive at the end of next summer?

The record book provides a look at the splits that were registered during world-record performances, along with the date of the performance and the site. It is interesting to see which athletes hold multiple world records, who owns standards in both the long-course format and in the short-course pool and how long some of these records have endured.

Of course, there is also a chance to see which world records are still on the books from the 2008-09 era, when suit technology ushered in a record-crazed stretch in which natural skill was neutralized. Specifically, take a look at the men’s world record in the 800 freestyle and the women’s world record in the 200 butterfly. It is difficult seeing either of these records being lowered at any point in the near future.

The Record Book

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