Former Carmel Coach Sentenced to 16 Years for Sexual Exploitation of Minor


John Goelz was sentenced to at least 16-and-a-half years in prison after admitting to possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor in federal court Wednesday.

The former assistant Carmel High School and Carmel Swim Club coach was charged in July after investigators learned of a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Goelz, 30, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 200 months in prison, according to the United States Attorney’s Office. He also will serve 10 years of supervised release following his sentence, official said.

“Today’s sentence sends a strong message to those whom we put trust in to supervise and coach our children, that this behavior is illegal and those who take advantage of our children will face real consequences,” U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler said in a written statement. “Protecting our youth from sexual predators will always remain a top priority of this office.”

According to court documents, Carmel police were approached by a boy who said the girl had once given him access to her Instagram account, where he found private messages that indicated some sort of a relationship existed between her and Goelz, the Star reported.

Goelz confirmed the relationship, as did the girl, police reported. He also admitted to recording one of the encounters on his cellphone, according to the Star.

Goelz was fired by both the school system and swim club. He started as a volunteer assistant coach in 2015.

Read the full Star story here.


  1. Kim Wonder

    Good job we don’t need these kind of coaches on the pool deck! There are more out there I hope they too pay the price!

    • avatar

      Unfortunately these predators are everywhere and there are all levels of “relationships” being justified and ignored

    • avatar
      Mark Schwartz

      I wonder what parents of young swimmers think about these horrifying revealations. Do they have second thoughts about permitting their children to participate?

  2. Mike McHenry

    Bet he’s SafeSport certified, too…

    • Scott Wilson

      Mike – since this is where my kids swim I can confirm you are correct. Sad situation but I will state that the club moved swiftly once concern was raised.

    • Mike McHenry

      Scott Wilson I’m sure they did…the problem is SafeSport. USA Swimming has a collusion problem with SafeSport oversight that they refuse to address.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mike ALL governing bodies under USOC do.

  3. Mike McHenry

    When they get done with USA Gymnastics, US Swimming is next

  4. Charlene Tallen

    Jackie Gillum, did you know this guy?

  5. Linda Ware Webb

    At least he pled guilty to his guilt. He got what he deserved. How does USA Swimming prevent this?

  6. Brent Fletcher

    One time too many and probably more to come. People like this have created unfortunate trust issues for the good guys (and gals).

  7. MK Mahoney

    Hmmm… Why would anyone choose to do this?