Final Day Of Olympic Diving At Worlds, Onto High Diving

Photo Courtesy: FINA

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Today’s diving events concluded Olympic diving at worlds. Finals occurred in both mixed synchronized three meter and men’s individual platform.

In mixed synchro, China’s team won the gold medal. Li Zheng and Wang Han finished almost 16 points ahead of the silver medal team from Great Britain, made up of Tom Daly and Grace Reid.

The Brits were in first place after the first round of diving, and then tied with the Chinese team after round three. In the final two rounds the Chinese duo received scores from each of the judges around one point higher than those awarded to the British pair.

In third place, Jennifer Abel and Francois Imbeau-Dulac from Canada also had a strong performance. The team did receive a few 6s from the judges in the final three rounds, but they performed consistently enough to finish in a medal position.

On the platform, the men finished in very different positions than they came out of semifinals with. Tom Daly came out on top. The British diver gave an incredible show, receiving 10s from the judges on four out of six dives, every dive totaling more than 92 points. He scored nearly 100 points higher overall then he did in semifinals.

In another high scoring performance, Chen Aisen from China came in second place. His final dive, a back two and a half with two and a half twists pike (5255B) received 10s from the judges and scored over 106 points. Still, it was not quite enough to push him into first place.

Jian Yang, Chen’s teammate, is brining home the bronze medal. His score was more than 20 points behind the leaders.

The fourth place finisher, Aleksandr Bondar, who had been leading after semifinals, finished over 100 points behind the leaders, a huge drop of in final scores. American David Dinsmore finished in 6th place.

The fun continues on Friday July 28 with what should be a thrilling three days of high diving.