FINA Announces Swimming Officials for 2016 Rio Olympics

Ryan Lochte underwater
Photo Courtesy: FINA Doha 2014


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FINA recently posted the full list of officials for the 2016 Rio Olympics, even though the U.S. officials have been known since last summer.

2016 Rio Olympics Officials

AUS Ken Jones
CAN David Shewfelt
CHI Ninfa Aliaga
CHN Haoran Yuan
DEN Bjorn Brander
GBR Craig Hunter
GER Dieter Geus
HUN Katalin Sass
IND Rajiv Nair Sukumaran
JOR Marwan Dakory
JPN Naoyuki Goto
LUX Mireille Zimmer
NED Karina van Holst Pellekaan
NZL Ron Clarke
POL Waldemar Kilian
PUR Morgan Toro
RSA Brenda Smit
SEN Malick Fall
TRI Lindsay Gillette
USA Jay Thomas
UZB Gregoriy Bugakov
Starter: USA Cecil Gordon

In sum, there are 22 total names on the list with the U.S. owning a pair of representatives as Jay Thomas had been named a judge and Cecil Gordon has been named the starter.

Meanwhile, Sid Cassidy has also been named as the meet referee for the men’s open water race.

Additionally, the hosting Brazil has 11 officials that will be part of the festivities.

Andréa Coelho
Maria Cristina Santos
Regina Thon
Marcelo Falcão
Daniel Schneider
Marcelo Fonseca
Sandro Andrade
Renato Melo
Anderson Osório
Jefferson Borges
Starter: Renato Barroso

Thanks to BestSwim for the list of Brazilian officials.