Elizabeth Beisel, McKenzie Coan and Dr. Megan Provide Crucial Insight for Swimmers


Your favorite Olympians, Paralympians, Olympic Legends and Sports Professionals provide insights to swimmers- this week on life balance, Paralympic inclusion and mental strength.

Swimming World and CG Sports Management have teamed together to create an exclusive weekly social media series on Swimming World Instagram. These elite athletes share advice to swimmers including training tips, motivation and wisdom. Catch up on episodes four through six below and episodes one through three here.

Episode 4: Boosting Mental Strength with Dr. Megan

Dr. Megan is a Sports Psychologist and former swimmer. As an athlete, she felt the pressure to perform and endured the demands of the sport. Dr. Megan’s personal experiences encouraged her to receive her PhD from Nova Southeastern University to provide athletes with the tools they need to have strong emotional health.

Dr. Megan shares a way to boost mental strength by telling a story about Olympic Legend, Natalie Coughlin. By watching her video, you can begin to improve your mental health as early as at your next practice.

Episode 5: Finding Balance with Elizabeth Beisel

Olympic legend Elizabeth Beisel shares the importance of finding balance in life outside of being an athlete. Throughout her life, she has found this balance through playing the violin and piano. She began to play at ages of three and five respectively.

Beisel talks about how her passion for music helped her during the rough points of her swimming career in her book, “Silver Lining.” Listen to Beisel play “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish.

Episode 6: Becoming a Paralympian with McKenzie Coan

Before becoming a 3x Paralympic Gold Medalist, McKenzie Coan spent a lot of her childhood in hospitals. Coan was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta also known as “brittle bone disease”. From her experiences, she developed an organization called “Kenzie Kares” that provides things like personal visits and crafting supplies to patients. By doing so, kids just like McKenzie know they are not alone in their fight.

In this episode, McKenzie shares how discovering the Paralympics led her to the London and Rio Paralympic Games. She even shows some of her golden hardware from Rio in 2016.  In addition, there are some interesting fun facts that separate these medals from their Olympic counterparts.


Stay tuned for this week when Swimming World introduces another member of CG Sports Management. In the meantime, catch up on episodes one through three. Who are you excited to see next?