Duke Swimming Alum Teri Conklin on Forbes 2020 Top Women Wealth Advisors list


Former Duke swimming alumna Teri Conklin was named to the 2020 Top Women Wealth Advisors list, Forbes released in April.

Following her career at Duke, Conklin joined UBS, a global firm providing financial services, and is currently the Senior Vice President in Wealth Management. Conklin was tabbed 121st on the Forbes list and interviewed by Forbes on her success and what motivates her to thrive in her profession.

“It is a huge acknowledgement of my long career in wealth management,” Conklin said. “I’m entering my 39th year after starting when I just got out of Duke.”

Conklin started her career at UBS on June 1, 1982 and has remained at the same company ever since. She credits her longevity and consistency in the business as a major factor of her success and has stayed in the same place, because it was best for her clients.

Throughout her career, she has overcome many challenges, including the changing of the wealth management field and raising a family. During earlier parts of her career, one of the most challenging aspects was working full-time, raising a family and continuing to stay around the sport she loves and coaching swimming. She is still a part of the swim community as she currently coaches at a high school in her area.

The Conklin family is a multigenerational Duke swimming family currently living in the Chicago suburbs. Teri, formerly Teri Changnon, swam at Duke from 1979-82, overlapping with her husband, Jeff. The pair have two daughters, Catherine and Caroline, who both swam at Duke. In addition, Teri’s brother, Greg, was also a member of the Duke swimming and diving team. Even outside of swimming, both of Teri’s daughters married Duke alumni while her brother’s wife and two children also attended Duke.

Duke is deeply enriched around Teri, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I consider Duke part of our family, too.” Conklin continued. “Our friends, our children’s friends… It’s amazing.”

But, Duke swimming in particular will always be special to Conklin. Her and her husband endow a scholarship, the Conklin Family Scholarship, for a women’s swimmer at Duke.

Dan Colella has done an unbelievable job of making us part of the program as alumni,” Conklin said. “He’s done an awesome job. Because of our love of Duke and our love of the swim program, Jeff and I have endowed a scholarship for a woman swimmer.”

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