Divers Punch Tickets to Junior Pan American Games on Day Two of USA Diving Synchronized National Championships

KNOXVILLE, TN - August 16, 2014: Kahley Rowell during the 2014 USA Senior Diving National Event at Allan Jones Aquatic Center in Knoxville, TN. Photo By Matthew S. DeMaria
Photo Courtesy: Matthew S. DeMaria

GREENSBORO – Cameron Thatcher (Powell, Ohio/Ohio State Dive Club) and Grayson Campbell (Vienna, Va./Dominion Dive Club) won the 14-18 boys’ synchronized 3-meter title to earn a berth to the Junior Pan American Championships on Friday at the USA Diving Synchronized National Championships.

Also on Friday, Jordan Rzepka (Solon, Ohio/Cleveland Area Diving) and Kevin Mendez (Lighthouse Point, Fla./PineCrest Diving) won gold in the 13-and-under age group for the second day in a row, and Tarrin Gilliland (Liberty Hill, Texas/City of Midland Aquatics) picked up her second 13-and-under girls’ gold medal of the championships, this time with Sophia McAfee (San Marino, Calif./Trojan Dive Club). Johanna Holloway (Boynton Beach, Fla./Fort Lauderdale Diving) and Mya Kraeger (Willis, Texas/Team A&M) won the girls’ 14-18 platform to round the gold medalist on day two of the four-day championships.

Thatcher and Campbell scored 680.76 points over two lists of 3-meter dives to earn the Junior Pan Am berth. They led by 10.76 points after prelims and extended their lead after scoring 352.80 points on their list in the finals. Kyle Goodwin (Centennial, Colo./Mile High Dive Club) and Joey Cifelli (Chicago Heights, Ill./Windy City Diving) finished second with 642.60 points, edging bronze medalists Christopher Law (San Antonio, Texas/Alamo Area Diving) and Henry Fusaro (Scottsdale, Ariz./Clavadistas del Sol) by .51 points.

Holloway and Kraeger won the 14-18 girls’ platform title with 597.12 on their two lists of dives, highlighted by a front 1 ½ pike that earned three 10s in the finals. Carolina Sculti (Rye, N.Y./Marlins Dive Club) and Kianna Yancey (Hatfield, Pa./TNT Diving) took the silver with 557.04 points, and Maggie Merriman (Orlando, Fla./YCF Diving) and Daria Lenz (Altadena, Calif./Unattached) scored 549.51 points for third.

Rzepka and Mendez, who won 3-meter synchro on Thursday, scored 216.12 points in Friday’s 13-and-under platform final. Max Weinrich (Brookeville, Md./Montgomery Dive Club) and Tyler Downs (Ballwin, Mo./Clayton Diving), the bronze medalists on 3-meter, scored 209.10 points to win the platform silver. Dash Glasberg (Santa Monica, Calif,./Trojan Dive Club) and Ren Terwey (Half Moon Bay, Calif./Stanford Diving) finished third with 195.42.

Gilliland and McAfee scored 564.36 points to win the girls’ 13-and-under 3-meter title, and Gilliland also won bronze after scoring 512.55 points with Remi Edvalson (Saratoga, Calif./Stanford Diving). Gilliland won gold, silver and bronze on platform on Thursday, including a silver with McAfee. Hailey Hernandez (Southlake, Texas/GC Diving) and Allison Ward (Southlake, Texas/GC Diving).

The USA Diving Synchronized National Championships continue through April 12. Saturday’s competition features women’s platform and men’s 3-meter as well as 13-and-under boys’ 1-meter. World Championship spots are at stake in the platform and 3-meter events.


14-18 Synchro. Boys 3m Springboard (Final)

1. Cameron Thatcher (Ohio State Diving Club) / Grayson Campbell (Dominion Dive Club), 680.76;2. Kyle Goodwin (Mile High Dive Club) / Joseph Cifelli (Windy City Diving), 642.60;3. Christopher Law (Unattached) / Henry Fusaro (Clavadistas del Sol), 642.09;4. Ian Shelton (Montgomery Dive Club) / Bradley Buchter (Soaring Eagles Dive Club), 618.30;5. Nathaniel Hernandez (GC Diving) / Andrew Gawin-Parigini (Unattached), 605.43;6. Quinlan DeVal (Duke Diving) / Aaron Daniels-Freeman (Duke Diving), 597.54;7. Benjamin Schiesl (Dominion Dive Club) / Gregory Duncan (Dominion Dive Club), 592.56;8. Alan Leblang (Mile High Dive Club) / Kyle Goodwin (Mile High Dive Club), 576.60;9. Andrew Capobianco (Duke Diving) / Max Showalter (Duke Diving), 575.19;10. Andrew Capobianco (Duke Diving) / Benjamin Bramley (Charles River Diving), 568.68;11. Colten Young (Mission Viejo) / Matthew Casillas (Mission Viejo), 549.78;12. Samson Miller (Unattached) / Connor Callahan (Duke Diving), 540.90;

Eliminated after preliminaries

13. Cody Rankin (Clavadistas del Sol) / Braden Huffman (Clavadistas del Sol), 273.48;14. Quinlan DeVal (Duke Diving) / John Gray (Duke Diving), 264.24;15. Alex Streightiff (Chicago Diving Club) / Maxim Royzen (Chicago Diving Club), 234.63;16. Justin Sodokoff (High Dive Champions) / Alec Decaprio (High Dive Champions), 232.71;17. Caleb Ives (Mile High Dive Club) / Devin Bellamy (Mile High Dive Club), 229.59;18. Casey Ponton (Woodlands Diving Academy) / Joshua Davidson (Woodlands Diving Academy), 228.96;19. Maxwell Flory (Dominion Dive Club) / Gregory Culver (Montgomery Dive Club), 223.68;20. Nick Cover (Soaring Eagles Dive Club) / Gregory Culver (Montgomery Dive Club), 216.66;21. Casey Fellows (Mile High Dive Club) / Tristan Gess (Mile High Dive Club), 203.61;22. Peter Nachtwey (American Flyers Diving) / Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving), 201.87;23. Prestin Li (Pacific Diving Academy USA, Inc) / Ryan Napohaku (Pacific Diving Academy USA, Inc), 193.47;24. Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving ) / Spencer Bystrom (American Flyers Diving), 184.29;25. Peter Nachtwey (American Flyers Diving) / Spencer Bystrom (American Flyers Diving), 181.86;26. Aidan Murphy (Mile High Dive Club) / Josh Thomas (Mile High Dive Club), 147.69;

14-18 Synchro. Girls Platform (Final)

1. Johanna Holloway (Ft Lauderdale Diving Team) / Mya Kraeger (Team A and M Diving), 597.12;2. Carolina Sculti (Marlins Diving Club) / Kianna Yancey (TNT Diving), 557.04;3. Maggie Merriman (YCF Diving Team) / Daria Lenz (Unattached), 549.51;4. Marisa Agarwal (Stanford Diving) / Mia Paulsen (Stanford Diving), 546.57;5. Alyssa Wang (Duke Diving) / Kristen Hayden (Duke Diving), 516.60;6. Emma Kraeger (Team A and M Diving) / Genevieve Angerame (Unattached), 465.93;7. Paige Gohr (Mission Viejo) / Krystal Irwin (Unattached), 450.84;8. Ivy Houser (RipFest) / Alexa Buckley (Boiler Diving Academy), 448.08;9. Katherine Greenberg (High Dive Champions) / Jennifer Bell (High Dive Champions), 439.20;10. Alexandra Hafey (Mile High Dive Club) / Bailey Mills (Mile High Dive Club), 398.34;11. Paige Gohr (Mission Viejo) / Allyson Wood (Mission Viejo), 386.49;12. Sidney O’Donnell (American Flyers Diving) / Janie Boyle (American Flyers Diving), 377.97;

Eliminated after preliminaries

13. Samantha Tamborski (Mile High Dive Club) / Anne Marie Kenny (Mile High Dive Club), 196.17;14. Katie Russ (Mile High Dive Club) / Averly Hobbs (Mile High Dive Club), 190.47;15. Flanary Patterson (Kentucky Diving Club) / Naomi Clayton (Kentucky Diving Club), 187.17;16. Naomi Clayton (Kentucky Diving Club) / Elana Ehl (Kentucky Diving Club), 183.36;17. Anne Marie Kenny (Mile High Dive Club) / Katrin Lewis (Mile High Dive Club), 181.26;18. Sidney O’Donnell (American Flyers Diving) / Kamryn Goodrick (American Flyers Diving), 179.97;19. Janie Boyle (American Flyers Diving) / Kamryn Goodrick (American Flyers Diving), 177.69;20. Taylor Clark (Mile High Dive Club) / Sydney Brookstein (Mile High Dive Club), 154.11;21. Georgia Brookstein (Mile High Dive Club) / Taylor Clark (Mile High Dive Club), 153.48;

13andU – Synchro.Boys Platform (Final)

1. Jordan Rzepka, Cleveland Area Diving / Kevin Mendez, Pine Crest Diving, 216.12;2. Maxwell Weinrich, Montgomery Dive Club / Tyler Downs, Clayton Diving Alliance, 209.10;3. Dash Glasberg, Trojan Dive Club / Ren Terwey, Stanford Diving, 195.42;4. Jacob Fisher, Alexandria Dive Club / Max Fowler, Alexandria Dive Club, 183.00;5. Quinn Henninger, Mile High Dive Club / Clayton Chaplin, Mile High Dive Club, 182.19;6. Nicholas Harris, West Chester Diving / Alec Pirone, West Chester Diving, 177.60;7. Chase Marafioto, San Antonio Divers / Marcel Mateos-salles, Unattached, 175.77;8. Nicholas Harris, West Chester Diving / Logan Choma, Unattached, 172.68;9. Clayton Chaplin, Mile High Dive Club / Oliver Mills, Mile High Dive Club, 161.07;10. Stanislav Zitko, Duke Diving / Cameron Cash, Unattached, 124.62;

13andU – Synchro.Girls 3m Springboard (Final)

1. Sophia Mcafee (Trojan Dive Club) / Tarrin Gilliland (City of Midland), 564.36;2. Hailey Hernandez (GC Diving) / Allison Ward (GC Diving), 544.65;3. Remi Edvalson (Stanford Diving) / Tarrin Gilliland (City of Midland), 512.55;4. Remi Edvalson (Stanford Diving) / Lauren Okamoto (Stanford Diving), 491.79;5. Francesca Noviello (Stanford Diving) / Supisara Shauntel Lim (Stanford Diving), 480.48;6. Miah Fisher (Alexandria Dive Club) / Anne Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club), 477.51;7. Hailey Roberson (Stanford Diving) / Supisara Shauntel Lim (Stanford Diving), 460.77;8. Meghan Wenzel (Centennial Diving) / Kayla Yancey (TNT Diving), 460.20;9. Isabelle LeBlanc (GC Diving) / Kamryn Wong (GC Diving), 455.34;10. Julia Fidanza (City of Midland) / Madalyn Freece (West Chester Diving), 452.25;11. Francesca Noviello (Stanford Diving) / Elena Yeh (Arrow Dive Club), 452.04;12. Isabella Coburn (Unattached) / Toree Easterwood (City of Midland), 444.66;

Eliminated after preliminaries

13. Olivia Rosen (Coral Springs Diving) / Chloe Bishop (Coral Springs Diving), 214.98;14. Amy Wotovich (West Florida Lightning Aquatics) / Chloe Bishop (Coral Springs Diving), 206.64;15. Haley Marshall (Montgomery Dive Club) / Genevieve Thibodeau (Montgomery Dive Club), 202.20;16. Madelyn Seltzer (Marlins Diving Club) / Devon Ott (Marlins Diving Club), 201.90;17. Genevieve Thibodeau (Montgomery Dive Club) / Madison Reese (Montgomery Dive Club), 201.24;18. Jessica Paul (Duke Diving) / Ashton Zuburg (Duke Diving), 198.60;19. Sammantha Helmboldt (Tucson Diving Team) / Isabella Plantz (Tucson Diving Team), 198.24;20. Chrismon Clark (South Carolina Divers) / Sophia Verzyl (Unattached), 197.67;21. Mary O’Neill (American Flyers Diving) / Hannah Zahniser (American Flyers Diving), 195.27;22. Allison Hallstrand (Duke Diving) / Jessica Paul (Duke Diving), 192.36;23. Saylor Kirsch (Marlins Diving Club) / Casey Kirsch (Marlins Diving Club), 191.67;24. Amy Wotovich (West Florida Lightning Aquatics) / Anneliese Foltz (Unattached), 18 8.64;25. Cecilia Cobb (Kentucky Diving Club) / Elaine Patterson (Kentucky Diving Club), 181.32;26. Caroline Lilly (Mile High Dive Club) / Catherine Rodocker (Mile High Dive Club), 178.77;27. Malaina Humphreys (Mile High Dive Club) / Isabel Gregersen (Mile High Dive Club), 167.31;28. Meera Kasturi (High Dive Champions) / Louisa Thompson (Unattached), 161.64;29. Morgan Manley (Mile High Dive Club) / Geneva Pauly (Mile High Dive Club), 158.31;30. Charlotte Norman (Duke Diving) / Tea Bowers (Duke Diving), 150.99;31. Reagan Patterson (Kentucky Diving Club) / Mason Duncan (Kentucky Diving Club), 143.82;32. Bailey Noble (North Carolina Diving) / Bryze Sanchez (North Carolina Diving), 97.44

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