Cost of Rio Olympics Estimated at $13.1 Billion (US)

Photo Courtesy: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

The Rio Olympics cost a total of $13.1 billion (US), according to an analysis from the Associated Press. That cost is a combination of building venues, running the Games and building other renovations/additions to Rio to get the city prepared to host.

Venues cost $2.06 billion, or 7.23 billion reals, while the operation and management of the Games came out to $2.8 billion (9 billion reals). The AP obtained those figures from Brazil’s Public Authority for Olympic Legacy and the Rio Organizing Committee, respectively.

But that only adds up to less than $5 billion, so the most significant costs had to come from elsewhere, in the form of infrastructure upgrades. Those costs included building a new doping laboratory and a new subway line, upgrading the historic downtown area and Rio’s port and cleaning up of pollution in Copacabana Bay.

Since the Olympics, many of Rio’s venues have fallen into abandonment and various states of disarray, while various levels of Rio government have fallen into significant economic turmoil

“Should a country with such inequality as Brazil have hosted such an event with this level of investment?” Brazilian federal prosecutor Leandro Mitidieri said, according to the AP. “It is a challenge and we can see the difficulties.”

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    Douglas Klein

    And they DARE to challenge our great hero and role model, Ryan Lochte! Ryan’s thoughts about Rio are spot-on! How about the corruption? There is an old-saying that people in glass houses should not throw stones. The entire country and USOC and IOC should APOLOGIZE to Ryan for their thoughtless and asinine comments and actions and not only lift the suspension but return his bonus money with interest!

    Now, does anyone dare to challenge my assertions here???

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      Michael Maloney

      yes….. rl was and is a cry baby….and WORSE a COWARD….if a MAN/ROLE MODEL or HERO as you put it were innocent THEY would have STAYED in country instead of BAILING on his friends ans jumping on the 1st plane he could when he realized his stupid LIE was discovered……i can forgie him being drunk and stupid..but DAYS later running away and crying boo hoo….sorry piece of filth…just like Pete Rose…you had a great career but you screwed up so take the punishment like a MAN,,,just saying

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        Douglas Klein


        Are you crazy?

        He is not a coward for splitting. It was smart manuevering to escape a corrupt foreign law enforcement. You and the other uninformed morons do not understand what it is like to be subject to arbitrary and foreign arrest. Remember Otto Warmbier? North Korea?

        Finally, as for his “stupid LIE”, what are you talking about? Ryan was truthful about everything involving the gas station encounter..

        Get your facts straight and investigate before talking smack.

  2. Laurent Landreau

    And new events keep getting added. It is getting out of hand …