College Teams Come Together For Final “Salmon Run” In Hall Of Fame Pool

Photo Courtesy: Stu Marvin

Stu Marvin, the head coach at Bloomsburg University, and Paul Richards, head coach of Dickinson College, coordinated the final “Salmon Run” during their teams’ annual training trips to Ft. Lauderdale.

The Salmon Run is a set of 50×50’s . According to Coach Marvin, the Salmon Run started in 1935 at the Ft. Lauderdale Casino Pool as part of the College Coaches Swim Forum, an initiative led by the CSCAA that has evolved into the idea of the modern-day training trip.

The set was done at the the Casino Pool from 1935 to 1965 before moving to the Hall of Fame Pool.

This year, teams from Bloomsburg University (PA), Clarion University (PA), Dickinson College (PA), East Stroudsburg University (PA) and Oneonta University (NY) took part in the Salmon Run, the final one before the pool is demolished for renovations.


Photo Courtesy: Andy Ross


  1. Joe Barnhart

    “Hall of Hame” 🙄

  2. John Martin

    Um, uh, fame ??

  3. Scott Reeves

    Hey Bob – Remember our Salmon Run in 1982? Entirely drunk after a day drinking on the pier and slipping away to hide from Coach in the diving pool?

  4. Annie Cooper

    WHAT? I want to go swim, quick, before the renovations!

  5. avatar

    I remember swimming in the Alamo International Age Group Invitational in that pool in the early ‘90’s… some of the best times of my swimming life!