CG Sports Network Weekly Trivia: How Well Do You Know Swimming?


Weekly CG Sports Network webinar trivia coming at you! Think you know swimming? Or at least pay attention well enough during the CG Sports Network live webinars? Test your knowledge here!

Weekly webinar trivia coming at you! Check out SwimmingWorld on Facebook for answers on the live stream of The Carpool Lane with Kristy Kowal on Friday, May 5th at 11am PDT.

Missed some CG Sports Network webinars? Jog your memory with the replays here:

Here are the questions from this week’s lineup:

Dana Vollmer is one of the world’s best competitive swimmers. She’s trained in pools all over the world, but mentioned that she would spend a month training open water off of what island(s)?

Brent Rutemiller used the power of visualization to encourage his swimmers with their goals and to bring to life his own career goals. He mentioned the ‘alpha state’, which is ideal for visualizing and often can be channeled:

Darien Townsend shared the pillars of team culture with Toni Armstrong. Which was NOT an important focus for coaches to instill when building team culture?

Kara Lynn Joyce is a CEO, Olympic athlete, and the most decorated swimmer in the ____.

Before coming back motivated and ready to go, Ella Eastin shared that she nearly quit swimming after which meet in 2017?

Stay tuned for next week’s CG Sports Network show lineup … coming soon.

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