Australian And New Zealand Form Trans-Tasman Alliance for Swimming Coaches and Teachers

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BETTER TOGETHER: ASCTA CEO Brendon Ward and NZSCTA Executive Officer Henrietta Latham. Photo Courtesy ASCTA/NZSCTA

The Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) is delighted to announce a formal affiliation with the New Zealand Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (NZSCTA).

The affiliation takes effect from July 1, 2021 and provides significant benefits to both organisations and their respective members.

President of ASCTA, Joanne Love, cited the COVID pandemic as a catalyst for the affiliation acknowledging that size and scale are important for Associations moving forward.

“This affiliation with NZSCTA will increase our reach and relevance internationally. It will also provide the NZSCTA and their members with enhanced access to education, resources, professional development opportunities and services,” Ms Love said in a joint Press Release issued today from ASCTA and NZSCTA.

“We work in such an important setting that includes everything from water safety to elite sport and to collaborate on the successes and learnings from both countries is crucial for our ongoing success.”

NZSCTA members will also become general members of ASCTA with associated benefits, including access to an extensive resource library and on-line community for discussions with peers across both countries.

NZSCTA President Daniel Fulton also expressed his excitement about the opportunities for both organisations into the future.

“This is a fantastic way to tap into a wider network of passionate and knowledgeable industry experts and access all they have to offer,” said Mr Fulton.

“There is a genuine desire from NZSCTA to take advantage of all the associated benefits and we look forward to working with our colleagues and peers in Australia over the coming years.”

Joint Press Release issued by ASCTA and NZSCTA


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