Arizona Implements Pool-Crowd Limit Amid COVID-19 Spike; Could Other States Roll Back Reopenings?


As the majority of states around the country deal with recent spikes in COVID-19 cases, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey gave an order on Monday that rolled back some of the state’s reopening steps. With Arizona dealing with a steep rise in cases, including 3,000 new cases on five of the past seven days, Ducey ordered theaters, gyms, bars, water parks and inner-tubing facilities to shut down by 8 p.m.

More, the Arizona governor issued an order that public gatherings now cannot exceed 50 people and swimming pool crowds must be limited to 10 individuals at a time. Obviously, the limitation placed on swimming pools is concerning, as that number may affect how teams, once given the green light to resume practice and training, can conduct their programs.

Arizona, along with Florida and Texas, has seen a significant rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks. Images of packed pools and bars have been shown on the nightly news, as citizens have not adhered to social-distancing measures designed to negate the spread of the virus. Due to the rise in cases, Ducey felt he had no choice but to act.

“I think we saw the photos and videos of some of the things that were happening around our state this weekend, and the result of that (type of activity) has been an increase in the spread,” Ducey said, according to the Arizona Republic. “With this targeted approach, we know that we can pump the brakes.”

Although some parts of the country still have not returned to the pool, many states have reopened to either leisure swimming or practices and training for athletes who are part of a team. In light of Ducey’s decision to limit pool gatherings to 10 people and the fact that 30-plus states have seen a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, it is uncertain whether a move will be made in other states to roll back reopening measures, such as access to pools, or to limit pool-crowd sizes, as was the decision in Arizona.

During a Monday press conference, California Governor Gavin Newsom noted that he would consider rolling back some of the reopenings that were allowed in his state if the spread of COVID-19 was not neutralized.

Here is a link that looks at how the states are dealing with COVID-19 when it comes to pool openings.


  1. Nichol Tran

    But casino’s are still open….and walmart/costco/frys are full of people

    • Nichol Tran

      Tori I get what he is trying to do but I am an all or nothing person…it does feel like he is picking and chosing

  2. Geffrey Ambrose

    But they will let people gather in masses to protest. Just not fair

    • Rhi Jeffrey

      Geffrey Ambrose swimming should be made a constitutional right. That’s how we solve it 🙂

    • Geffrey, exactly…that’s why FL had such a huge spike last week because 14 days prior they were protesting in groups of thousands together not wearing masks.

    • Jennifer Brurok

      TK Shelley Causey Christie it’s BS… it’s ok to riot but can’t swim. Makes me so mad 😡

    • Angelynn Nguyen

      Angel Sandoval this thread is a great example of privilege in America…

  3. Spencer Pinter

    Of course there has been a spike in cases around the country… There has also been a huge increase in testing around the nation as well – along with the reopening of the country. As of today, Texas is 3rd in total testing with a little over 2M tests completed. Florida is 4th with a total of roughly 1.9M tests conducted. Arizona is 16th with 678K tests conducted. So, it really should come as no surprise whatsoever that with people no longer staying at home and significant increases in testing, there would be an increase in positive cases as well. You are bound to find something when proactively searching. As of today, Texas has lost 2,437 people to the virus, which is 84 people per million of population. Texas ranks 15th in total deaths and 42nd in deaths per million of population. New York as lost 31,496 residents (the most) which equates to 1,619 per million of population. New Jersey has lost 15,123 residents or 1,703 per million of population (the most). Florida has lost 3,474 residents (9th in the nation) which equates to 160 per million of population (28th in the nation). Finally, Arizona has lost 1,588 residents (18th in the nation), but this equates to 218 people per million of its population, which is the highest of the three states being singled out here. Not nearly the numbers that have been racked up by the two big hitters, New York and New Jersey. The best news out there worth celebrating, however, that seems to be intentionally under reported, is the fact that the US has gone from losing 2,749 Americans on April 21, 2020 (at the peak) to losing just 285 people yesterday, a very positive trend that has been heading in the right direction for quite some time now. What I cannot understand is why this great news is not being reported more frequently. As if someone out there is going out of the way to suppress public confidence.

    • avatar
      Craig Lord - Swimming World Editor-in-Chief

      Perhaps, Spencer, it’s because such things as 285 deaths don’t constitute ‘great news’, regardless of trends (I can see why the editorial choice would not be to write anything like that up as ‘great news’). It may also have to do with the fact that infection rates take time to be reflected in death rates and there is understandable caution when it comes to reporting spot moments in an ever-changing picture. The facts you note are out there and can be found far and wide as far as I can see.

      • avatar
        spencer pinter

        Common, Craig… You are being a bit disingenuous when it comes to the MSM and why/when they choose not to report news, be it “great news” or “not so great news”. You are absolutely correct when it comes to the loss of life. Even one death is very unfortunate. However, in the context of what has happened over the past four months, and what is being reported, it would be more than reasonable, fair and welcome by many if the MSM emphasized the best news out there when it comes to all of this data that is being collected. There is no way that you can deny the fact that plummeting numbers of daily deaths in the US caused by COVID-19 is not very good news when comparing 2,749 people dying each day (back in late April) to just 285 people perishing the other day. The fact that daily deaths have plummeted to current figures is in fact “great news”. You have a “great day”!!

    • Val Acosta Mehta

      Spencer Pinter no one wants to crash and kill the economy. Everyone regardless of party affiliation has their retirement/investments linked to the stock market. You are ridiculous this is being surpressed. My son is a college swimmer. Looking forward, with my husband who is a virologist, we see disturbing trends with this that are not explained simply by increased testing. I want him to swim in fall and enjoy the same wonderful experience he had in Freshman year and a chance at NCAAs. But unless a miracle vaccine appears our numbers (% positive rate) are going to wrong way for fall to be good. So ignore it with the denial game but so far all that has worked for is to get us to a big spike by 4th of July. We need to turn this tide fast.

    • Spencer Pinter

      Val Acosta Mehta – I appreciate your opinion, but I simply posted facts that are in no way difficult to find on the websites for both Worldometer and John Hopkins. Are you denying these facts, or would you prefer just not to hear them? Since it is pretty clear what is going on here, many agree that the majority of the MSM is deliberately spinning and reporting news in a hyper-negative fashion – for mostly political reasons (you know this tends to happen sometimes). Is the following question an unreasonable or ridiculous inquiry? Why not put an emphasis on what is good and what is undeniably the best news out there currently when it comes to COVID-19, a virus that once killed so many on a daily basis? Would it be putting them out of their way to emphasize that in these very dark times total deaths have plummeted from over 2,000 per day to just a few hundred per day in just two short months? For God’s sake, fewer humans are dying at this time. Is that not something extremely newsworthy and worth celebrating during this nightmare of a shit-show we find ourselves in? In my humble opinion, I personally feel that in this particular case, when many are fearing for their lives, under reporting great news in order to perpetuate a narrative is shameful. But… they are private businesses, this is a free country and they can report as they see fit. It is, however, the public’s responsibility to call them out on it when it is glaringly clear what is happening. I would not go so far as to label me as “ridiculous” for pointing this out. Maybe I am overly concerned, but some might also come to the conclusion that you are in a state of denial here when it comes to biased and misleading reporting in the MSM. I truly hope your son can swim this fall. Take care!

  4. Val Acosta Mehta

    Right now our country needs to enlist an emergency move to get people to work together & stay home/take EVERY precaution. Because right now the genie is getting out of the bottle, long term we will lose far more than we have if virus continues unchecked. Our only chance now is a vaccine and that’s a big ? You don’t need to believe me, you can wait and see or try to do something now to make winter better.

  5. Ann C Gallacher

    This is a no brainer.. you decide if you want to take the risk or not!! Scientific research states there is not enough chlorine in a swimming pool to adequately kill Covid-19.

    • Mark Honan

      Ann C Gallacher thats a lie. Education, try it

    • Ian Johnston

      Mark Honan mind telling us why you think it’s a lie, Dr. Honan?

    • Mark Honan

      Ian Johnston because science. Fina, USA Swim, WSA and the Olympic committee all say the same thing. They r the experts.

    • Ian Johnston

      Mark Honan also, is comes from a scientist with a PhD. Education, try it

    • Mark Honan

      Ian Johnston i dont go by a mem3 whom i dont know or have researched the financial backing of. Good luck. I am highly educated and not a sheep. Believe nothing research everything

    • Ian Johnston

      Mark Honan why don’t you research it highly educated guy. Might help. He’s only a clinical microbiologist fellow and and Immunology PhD but I’m sure you’re much more knowledgeable than him 🙄🙄🙄 lol at “research everything” when you clearly don’t

    • Ian Johnston

      Mark Honan the “highly educated guy” who “don’t go by a mem3” but posted a twitter meme by Tomi Lehren in this same thread. Man, you right wingers are nutjobs.

    • Mark Honan

      Ian Johnston but i do. The first thing u research is the independence of the study. U will find many paid by various organizations or grants that anything but a finding supporting those grants would be detrimental to income

    • Mark Honan

      Ian Johnston im not right or left. Ive studied law and the constitution/probate for over 13 years. I have been taught to evaluate facts not feelings. Once again, question everything believe nothing. I also know how to research for bias. Something the left does not know how to do.

    • Spencer Pinter

      I guess my only question here is… how exactly does wearing a mask relate to swimming in a pool full of water and whether or not swimming pools should remain open or closed at this time? The discussion in this article is related to – Arizona Implements Pool-Crowd Limit Amid COVID-19 Spike; Could Other States Roll Back Reopenings? I would think this would be determined on a state-by-state basis, depending on how severely C-19 cases are impacting that state. For example… If a state has high levels of testing that would naturally expose more infected people, but hardly anyone is dying, one would think that there would be nothing there of great concern. Just a thought… Arizona’s figures are a bit elevated and should take some precautions, but many other states are doing just fine at this time with little to no reason to start the panic and mass hysteria all over again.

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