After Impressive 1:54.38 Prelim of 200 Backstroke at Aussie Champs, Decision Looms for Mitch Larkin


After Impressive 1:54.38 Prelim of 200 Bacstroke at Aussie Champs, Decision Looms for Mitch Larkin

Once the Australian Olympic Trials roll around in June, Mitch Larkin will be faced with the decision of whether to contest the 200 backstroke/200 individual medley double. It is a conundrum that others have dealt with in the past, most notably American Ryan Lochte. Larkin must first decide if he will pursue the double, and if he deems it not worthwhile, then he will have to decide which event provides the best medal opportunity at the Olympic Games.

On Friday night, Larkin showed that he would be a major force in the 200 backstroke when he dropped a prelim time of 1:54.38 at the Australian Championships on the Gold Coast. Larkin later qualified for the final of the 200 individual medley, and it seems he pushed the pace in prelims of the 200 back with the plan of scratching that event for finals, and focusing on the 200 medley.

By going 1:54-low, Larkin was a little more than a half-second off his Australian All-Comers record and a little more than a second slower than his Australian record of 1:53.17. While Russian Evgeny Rylov has the top time in the world this year at 1:53.23, which is a European record, Larkin’s effort at the Aussie Champs is impressive and will make his Olympic-scheduling decision difficult.


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    He has talked about this for the last two years! Nothing new.

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      John Lohn - Associate Editor-in-Chief

      We never indicated it was new. Just highlighting that with the 200 backstroke performance, the decision is difficult and will have to be made shortly.

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        May not be new news but to new fans and young swimmers it is. Interesting information and appreciate the article.

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