A Voice for the Sport: The Merging of Swimming World and ISHOF

Photo Courtesy: Brent Rutemiller

Letter by Brent Rutemiller, Publisher of Swimming World Magazine. 

Dear Swimming World Subscribers,

As many of you may already know, Swimming World Magazine is merging its operations with the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF). The combination will provide the International Swimming Hall of Fame with a much-needed outreach arm that Swimming World can provide to athletes, coaches and volunteers around the world in aquatics.

The driving force behind the merger is to combine the areas that ISHOF and Swimming World have in common. The merger is a synergy of strengths. Sports Publications International will remain a separate entity, but will spin off its Swimming World Magazine division to become the marketing arm of ISHOF. The merger is a classic example of the whole being greater than its parts.

In November, I became the chief executive officer for ISHOF, overseeing the merger, while Bruce Wigo, who served as ISHOF’s CEO for the last 12 years, now becomes ISHOF’s historian.

ISHOF has been a big part of Wigo’s life. His work is not over as there are many stories still to be told by him about the history of aquatics.

With the goal of making ISHOF and Swimming World stronger representatives of the aquatic community, we set out to combine our strengths in the following ways:

  • Swimming World Magazine (SWM) will report the news and the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) will archives the news.
  • SWM will donate its large reserve of aquatic images and content to ISHOF, allowing it to become the repository for these historical items.
  • SWM produces multimedia news segments and documentaries about athletes, coaches, etc., giving ISHOF the assets to honor athletes, coaches, etc.
  • SWM has a presence at major clinics and conventions giving ISHOF additional exposure for its exhibits.
  • ISHOF has a wealth of historical information for SWM to repurpose for today’s generation.
  • SWM and ISHOF have relationships with almost every aquatic national governing body in the world. The merger will combine those relationships under one roof.
  • ISHOF will now have a 24/7 marketing and exposure through Swimming World’s multi-media platforms.
  • ISHOF will now have more social media connectivity with younger generations through SWM social media platforms.
  • ISHOF will be able to host more special events surrounding SWM’s High School Swimmers of the Year, High School National Champions, Swimmers of the Year and Master Swimmers of the Year.

I have been at every level of this community for more than 45 years, and I have never been more excited about the impact that this will have on aquatics worldwide. We will merge these institutions in a way that will benefit everyone in the swimming community. I see many positive outcomes from this merger.

Please consider becoming a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and support our efforts to celebrate the greatest aquatic sports in the world.


Brent T. Rutemiller – CEO

International Swimming Hall of Fame

Sports Publications International – Swimming World


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    I had the opportunity to spend 2 days with Bruce Wigo at ISHOF ten years ago, whilst researching for a Speedo sponsored exhibition on the history of swimwear. I experienced first hand the passion and dedication that Bruce has for swimming and aquatics in general, it’s history and it’s promotion and betterment. He is has a wealth of knowledge and I wish him every success in his new role in the future of ISHOF. I hope this merger will serve to showcase and promote the history and stories of swimmers globally to an even greater audience.

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    Since the occurence of that merge, BBQ is not the abbreviation of barbeque any more.
    It is the sum of B-rent + B-ruce = Q-uality.
    It will surely taste as good as barbeque though!