2019 World University Games Day 4 Finals: Russia and South Africa Take Home Multiple Golds

Photo Courtesy: Foto Giorgio Scala / Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

Day four of the 2019 World University Games in Naples, Italy featured swims from the most elite swimmers across the globe. The line-up for today’s session consisted of the women’s 1500 free, the women’s 200 I.M., the men’s 100 free semi-final, the women’s 100 fly semi-final, the men’s 200 breast final, the women’s 100 back final, the men’s 200 fly final, the women’s 200 breast semi-final, the men’s 50 back final, and the women’s 800 free relay.

Day Four Results: here

Women’s 1500 Free (Final)

Taking home gold in the event was Japan’s Waka Kobori with a time of 16:16.33. Shortly behind Kobori taking home silver in the women’s 1500 free, was Moesha Johnson representing Australia and finishing with a time of 16:20.00. Molly Ann Kowal, representing the United States, took home bronze finishing with a time of 16:20.94. Fourth place went to Chinatsu Sato of Japan, touching the wall at 16:30.04. Swimming for Italy and finishing in fifth place was Alisia Tettamanzi hitting the touchpad at 16:34.76. Sixth place went to Australian swimmer, Sophie Ellise Caldwell with a time of 16:39.14. Right behind Caldwell was Poland’s Paulina Piechota finishing just a few hundredths of a second behind the Aussie swimmer at 16:39.91. Wrapping up the top seeds in the event was Megan Byrnes swimming for the United States, finishing in eighth with a time of 16:44.81.

  1. Waka Kobori, Japan, 16:16.33
  2. Moesha Johnson, Australia, 16:20.00
  3. Molly Ann Kowal, USA, 16:20.94
  4. Chinatsu Sato, Japan, 16:30.04
  5. Alisia Tettamanzi, Italy, 16:34.76
  6. Sophie Ellise Caldwell, Australia, 16:39.14
  7. Paulina Piechota, Poland, 16:39.91
  8. Megan Byrnes, USA, 16:44.81

Women’s 200 IM (Final)

The women’s 200 I.M. was a quick and fiery race as swimmers battled int out for medals. your 2019 World University Games champion in the women’s 200 I.M. was Great Britain’s Alicia Wilson with a time of 2:12.69. Right behind Wilson was Ella Eastin swimming for the United States, grabbing silver with a time of 2:12.85. Taking home a bronze medal in the event was another swimmer from Great Britain, Abbie Wood hitting the wall at 2:13.59. Fourth place went to Genevieve Pfeifer from the United States finishing at 2:13.89. Japan’s Runa Imai finished in fifth with a time of 2:14.66. In sixth place was Catalina Corro Lorente, swimming for Spain and finishing with a time of 2:14.86. Representing Italy and finishing in seventh with a time of 2:14.96 was Ilari Cusinato. Eight place finisher was Cyrielle Duhamel of France finishing with a time of 2:15.45.

  1. Alicia Wilson, Great Britain, 2:12.69
  2. Ella Eastin, USA, 2:12.85
  3. Abbie Wood, Great Britain, 2;13.59
  4. Genevieve Pfeifer, USA, 2;13.89
  5. Runa Imai, Japan, 2:14.66
  6. Catalina Corro Lorente, Spain, 2:14.86
  7. Ilari Cusinato, Italy, 2:14.96
  8. Cyrielle Duhamel, France, 2:15.45

Men’s 100 Free (Semi-Final)

Brazil’s Felipe De Souza won the men’s 100 free semi-final with a time of 48.82. Finishing in second was Zachary Apple, swimming for the United States, with a time of 48.84. Another U.S. swimmer, Tate Jackson, finished in third with a time of 49.05. Marco Antonio Ferreira of Brazil hit the touchpad at 49.10, finishing in fourth place. The race proved to be even more exciting as Great Britain’s David Ross Cumberlidge and Italy’s Ivano Vendrame tied for fifth with a time of 49.16. Seventh place went to Heiko Gigler of Austria, hitting the touchpad at 49.39. Korea’s Jaehoon Yang finished in eiggth with a time of 49.43.

  1. Felipe De Souza, Brazil, 48.82
  2. Zachary Apple, USA, 48.84
  3. Tate Jackson, USA, 49.05
  4. Marco Antonio Ferreira, Brazil, 49.10
  5. David Ross Cumberlidge, Great Britain, 49.16
  6. Ivano Vendrame, Italy, 49.16
  7. Heiko Gigler, Austria, 49.39
  8. Jaehoon Yang, Japan, 49.43

Women’s 100 Fly (Semi-Final)

Tayla Lovemore of South Africa won the women’s 100 fly semi-final at this tears World University games with a time of 58.57. Finishing in second place was Germany’s Lisa Hoepink with a time of 58.93. Hitting the touchpad shortly after Hoepink was the United States Dakota Luther, finishing in third with a time of 59.02. Fourth place went to Japan’s Ai Soma with a time of 59.07. Representing the Netherlands was Kinge Zandringa hitting the wall at 59.19 for a fifth place finish. Polina Egorova of Russia finished in sixth with a time of 59.38. of Seventh place went to Brazil’s Giovanna Diamante with a time of 59.58. Wrapping up the semi-final and finishing in eight place was Hannah Genich from Canada finishing with a time of 59.59, just one hundredth of a second behind Diamante.

  1. Tayla Lovemore , South Africa, 58.57
  2. Lisa Hoepink, Germany, 58.93
  3. Dakota Luther, USA, 59.02
  4. Ai Soma, Japan, 59.07
  5. Kinge Zandringa, Netherlands, 59.12 
  6. Polina Egorova, Russia, 59.38
  7. Giovanna Diamante, Brazil, 59.58
  8. Hannah Genich, Canada, 59.59

Men’s 200 Breast (Final)

The Men’s 200 breast was yet another event that proved to be intense at the 2019  World University Games. Taking home gold in the event was Russia’s Kirill Prigoda with a time of 2:09.99. Grabbing a silver medal was the United States Daniel Roy, coming into the wall at 2:10.28. Bronze went another Russian swimmer, Ilia Khomenko, finishing at 2:11.14. Fourth place went to Jonathon Tybur, representing the United States, and hitting the touchpad at 2:12.25. Lithuania’s Andrius Sidlauskas finished in fifth with a time of 2:12.53. Jacques Lauffer of Switzerland finished in sixth, hitting the wall at 2:12.70. There was tie for seventh place between Great Britain’s Harry Craig Benson and Hungary’s Mate Kutasi, both swimmers touching the wall at 2:12.91.

1.Kirill Prigoda, Russia, 2:09.99

2. Daniel Roy, USA, 2:10.28

3. Ilia Khomenko, Russia, 2:11.14

4. Jonathon Tybur, USA, 2:12.25

5. Andrius Sidlauskas, Lithuania, 2:12.53

6. Jacques Lauffer, Switzerland, 2:12.70

7. Harry Craig Benson, Great Britain, 2:12.91

7. Mate Kutasi, Hungary, 2:12.91

Women’s 100 Back (Final)

Taking home a gold medal in the event and breaking her prior University Games record was Katharine Berkoff of the United States. Berkoff finished with a time of 59.29, a bit faster than her previous record which was 59.57. Taking home a silver medal in the event was another american, Elise Haan, posting a time of 59.62. Bronze went to Italy’s Silivia Scalia with a time of 1:00.43. Finishing in fourth place was Canadian Swimmer Ingrid Wilm with a time of 1:00.77. Fifth place went to another Canadian swimmer, Kennedy Goss, posting a time of 1:00.87. Swimming for Japan and finishing in sixth was Marina Furubayashi with a time of 1:01.27. Toto Kwan To Wong of Hong Kong finished in seventh with a time of 1:01.45. Eight place finisher was German swimmer Nadine Laemmler finishing with a time of 1:01.50.

  1. Katharine Berkoff, USA, 59.29
  2. Elise Haan, USA, 59.62
  3. Silivia Scalia, Italy, 1;00.43
  4. Ingrid Wilm, Canada, 1:00.77
  5. Kennedy Goss, Canada, 1:00.87
  6. Marina Furubayashi, Japan, 1:01.2
  7. Toto Kwan To Wong, Hong Kong, 1:01.45
  8. Nadine Laemmler, Germany, 1:01.50

Men’s 200 Fly (Final)

Swimmers from all over the world at this years 2019 World University Games continued to display their speed on day four of competition. The men’s 200 fly was especially a fast race with Russia’s Aleksandr Kudashev taking home a gold medal in the event with a time of 1:57.30. Silver went to Jack Patrick Saunderson, representing the United States and finishing with a time of 1:57.81. Finishing in third and taking home a bronze medal was another American, Trent Julian with a time of 1:57.93. Fourth place went to Poland’s Michal Poprawa, touching the wall at 1:58.13. Taumi Terada of Japan hit the wall at 1:58.22 finishing in fifth place. Sixth place went to Australia’s Bowen Gough with a time of 1:58.28. Two Italian swimmers, Giacomo Carini and Christian Ferraro tied for seventh, both swimmers posting a time of 1:58.48.

1.Aleksandr Kudashev, Russia, 1:57.30

2. Jack Patrick Saunderson, USA, 1:57.81

3. Trent Julian, USA, 1:57.93

4. Michal Poprawa, Poland, 1:58.13

5. Taumi Terada, Japan, 1:58.22

6. Bowen Gough, Australia, 1:58.28

7. Giacomo Carini, Italy, 1:58.48

7. Christian Ferraro, Italy, 1:58.48

Women’s 200 Breast (Semi-Final)

Tatjana Rens Schoemnaker of South Africa wins yet another event on day four of the 2019 World University Games. Schoemnaker won the event with a time of 2:23.89. Finishing in second place was Emily Escobedo, representing the United Sates and posting a time of 2:24.36. Third place went to Russia’s Daria Chikunova with a time of 2:25.30. Kaylene Corbett of South Africa finished in fourth with a time of 2:25.57. Fifth place went to Italian swimmer Fracescsa Fangio, hitting the wall at 2:25.75. Great Britain swimmer Katie Jane Matts finished with a time of 2:25.82, earning sixth place. Matts fellow teammate from Great Britain, Jocelyn Ulyett, finished in seventh with a time of 2:26.13. Eighth place went to Japan’s Kanako Watanabe, posting a time of 2:26.22.

  1. Tatjana Rens Schoemnaker, South Africa, 2:23.89
  2. Emily Escobedo, USA, 2:24.36
  3. Daria Chikunova, Russia, 2:25.30 
  4. Kaylene Corbett, South Africa, 2:25.57
  5. Fracescsa Fangio, Italy, 2:25.75
  6. Katie Jane Matts, Great Britain, 2:25.82
  7. Jocelyn Ulyett, Great Britain, 2:26.13
  8. Kanako Watanabe, Japan, 2:26.22

Men’s 50 Back (Final)

Finishing off this afternoon session was nonetheless a sprint event. Two swimmers, Zane Waddell of South Africa and Justin Ress of the United Sates, both touched the wall at 24.48, tying for a gold medal. Bronze went to Russia’s Gregory Tarasevich, posting a time of 24.94. Finishing in fourth place was Viktar Tarasevich of Belarus, hitting the touchpad at 25.08. Gabriel Fantoni, swimming for Brazil, finished in fifth place with a time of 25.12. There was another tie in the event for sixth place between Bohdan Kasian of Ukraine and Mark Nikolaev of Russia, both swimmers hit the wall at 25.16. Eighth place went to Hungary’s Bence Szentes with a time of 25.24.

1. Zane Waddell, South Africa, 24.48

1. Justin Ress, USA, 24.48

3. Gregory Tarasevich, Russia, 24.94

4. Viktar Tarasevich, Belarus, 25.08

5. Gabriel Fantoni, Brazil, 25.12

6. Bohdan Kasian, Ukraine, 25.16

6. Mark Nikolaev, Russia, 25.16

8. Bence Szentes, Hungary, 25.24 

Women’s 800 Free Relay

To end day four at the 2019 World University Games was the women’s 800 free relay. The event featured fast swims from teams across the globe. Pushing though all four legs off the race and taking home a gold medal in the event was the United States. K. Meitz, P. Madden, C. Rasmus and G. De Loof finished with a time of 7:53.90. Anchor, G. De Loof posted the fastest split for the Americans with a time of 1:57.53. Meanwhile, Italy finished in second place with a time of 7:59.68 and Russia followed in third with a time of 8:03.85.