2019 Phillips 66 US National Championships Day 2 Finals: Live Recap

Photo Courtesy: Connor Trimble

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Photo Courtesy: Connor Trimble

Day two finals of the 2019 Phillips 66 US National Championships should start off with a splash as fifteen year old Claire Tuggle holds the top seed in the women’s 200 free heading into the night.

Though Dressel and Lochte aren’t in tonights finals of the men’s 200 free, Kieran Smith hopes to surpass Australia’s Clyde Lewis’ fastest time of the year at 1:44.90.

Both Madisyn Cox and Daniel Roy hold over a half second lead heading into the 200 Breast finals.

The women’s 200 back should be a close race as swimmers, Asia Seidt, Lucie Nordmann, and Erin Voss are seeded only .06 of a second apart.

Austin Katz hopes to lead the field in the men’s 200 back with another amazing first half, and hold onto that speed for the second half of the race.

LIVE RESULTS for 2019 Phillips 66 US National Championships

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Women’s 200 Free 

Men’s 200 Free 

Women’s 200 Breast 

Men’s 200 Breast  

Women’s 200 Back 

Men’s 200 Back 

Women’s 4×100 Free Relay 

Women’s 200 Free

Dropping nearly two seconds from prelims and leading the pack from the beginning was Allison Schmitt who claims the gold with a time of 1:56.97. She was roughly two seconds off of Italy’s Federica Pellegrini who currently holds the fastest time of the at 1:54.22. Schmitt also currently holds the National Record with a time of 1:53.61 in the 200 free.

Coming in second with a time of 1:57.84 was Paige Madden, followed by Brooke Forde with a time of 1:57.98.

In fourth was Cierra Runge with a time of 1:58.82, followed in fifth by Gabby Deloof with a time of 1:59.03.

Fifteen-year-old Claire Tuggle who was seeded first coming into finals dropped to sixth place with a time of 1:59.49. While she gained over a second, coming in sixth at Nationals at the age of fifteen can not be overlooked.

Following behind Tuggle was Erica Laning moving up from eighth to seventh with a time of 1:49.67.

Coming in eighth was Emma Atkinson with a time of 1:59.82.

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Men’s 200 Free 

Elijah Winnington made a comeback this evening with a time of 1:46.19, dropping over a second from prelims to claim the victory. Winnington was only 1.29 seconds off of Australia’s Clyde Lewis’ fastest time of the year, 1:44.90.

Kieran Smith gained .04 to come in second with a time of 1:46.25.

Taking an early lead was Dean Farris who came in third with a time of 1:46.45. Farris was first to the 100m mark with a time of 50.92.

Following closely to the top three, was Maxime Rooney in fourth with a time of 1:46.78.

In fifth was Patrick Callan (1:47.36), in sixth was Trenton Julian (1:48.03), in seventh was Mitch D’Arrigo (1:48.37), and in eighth was Jordan Pothain (1:48.98).

Another name to point out is Luca Urlando who dominated the B final with a time of 1:46.51. If Urlando had been in the A final his time would have put him in fourth, showing the importance of fast swims during prelims.

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Women’s 200 Breast 

Madisyn Cox drops over two seconds to claim the gold in the women’s 200 breaststroke with a time of 2:23.84. With drops like this Cox could be looking at a world record in the upcoming year, beating out Rikke Pedersen’s record time of 2:19.11 from 2013.

Abby Arens goes from third in prelims to second in finals by dropping nearly two seconds and going a time of 2:25.80.

Another jump in the rankings was Jenna Strauch who went from fourth in prelims to taking the bronze in finals with a time of 2:26.05.

Miranda Tucker dropped 1.31 seconds to take fourth with a time of 2:26.50.

In a race for fifth was Gillian Davey with a time of 2:26.80, just out touching Anna Keating with a time of 2:26.90.

In seventh was Ellie Andrews with a time of 2:29.02, and coming in eighth was Kate Douglass with a time of 2:29.70.

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Men’s 200 Breast 

This evenings 200 breaststroke was a race to the finish with Reece Whitley and Daniel Roy only .19 off of each other on the first 100. Whitley’s strong finish lead him to take home the gold with a time of 2:09.69, followed in second by Roy with a time of 2:10.01.

Whitley is catching up to Russia’s Anton Chupkov who recently set the world record during Worlds with a time of 2:06.12.

Taking the bronze and dropping .41 of a second from prelims was Joshua Matheny with a time of 2:11.02.

In fourth was Daniel Cave (2:11.22), followed closely by Craig Benson (2:11.27) and Caspar Corbeau (2:11.54).

Finishing third at the 100m mark with a time of 1:02.93 but ending the race in seventh was Nicholas Quinn with a time of 2:11.77.

In eighth was Brandon Fischer with a time of 2:12.15.

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Women’s 200 Back 

The women’s 200 back A finals was a good race, but not to be missed was the time drops in the B final. With three of the B finalist times placing them in the top eight times, the swimmers learn to race both hard and fast in the morning and at night to earn them more points.

Kentucky’s Asia Seidt dropped over a second to win the race by going a 2:08.90.

While Erin Voss was ahead of Emma Seiberlich at the 100m mark, the two girls tied for second with at time of 2:10.86. Seiberlich held her own in the race and dropped from fifth in prelims to second in finals. Though Seiberlich and Voss took home the silver, Rye Ulett in the B final went a time of 2:09.70, which would have earned her second if she would have had a faster time in prelims.

Coming in closely behind Seiberlich and Voss was Emma Atkinson with a time of 2:10.96.

In fifth was Lucie Nordmann (2:11.43), in sixth was Chloe Hicks (2:11.43), in seventh was Abi Wilder (2:12.02), and in eighth was Natalie Mannion (2:14.63).

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 6.13.10 PM

Men’s 200 Back 

With only .07 of a second separating first and second, Austin Katz took the gold by swimming a stellar final 50 and out touching Shaine Casas. Katz went a time of 1:55.72, while Casas, who held the lead at the 150m mark, went a time of 1:55.79.

Coming in third and claiming the bronze was Clark Beach with a time of 1:57.14.

In a close race for fourth, Bryce Mefford went a time of 1:57.39 out touching Zachary Poti (1:57.40) by .01. Poti started off the race .03 seconds faster than Mefford at the first wall, while Mefford hit .02 before Poti at the 100m mark, and .05 ahead of him at the 150m mark.

In sixth was Carson Foster (1:58.26), in seventh was Nicolas Albiero (1:59.21), and in eighth was Wyatt Davis (1:59.78).

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Women’s 4×100 Free Relay 

The relays in heat two of three in the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay were on fire, taking the top 6 places.

Taking the lead on the first 50 Vic-NSW with swimmers, Kotuku Ngawati, Elyse Woods, Julia Hawkins, and Kayla Costa claimed the gold with a time of 3:41.43, roughly 11 seconds off of the Australian’s World Record set in 2018 at the Commonwealth Games.

Coming in a close second was Tennessee Aquatics with swimmers, Trude Rothrock, Erika Brown, Bailey Grinter, and Alex Gebel with a time of 3:42.29. Brown held the fastest split of the evening with a time of 53.79.

Taking home the bronze was Wisconsin Aquatics with swimmers, Lillie Hosack, Beata Nelson, Alana Palmer, and Doty Megan with a time of 3:44.15.

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