Chinese National Games: Chen Qian Smashes Asian Record -- October 23, 2009

JINAN, China, October 23. ANOTHER Asian record tumbled during long course competition held at the Chinese National Games in Jinan.

Chen Qian crushed the Asian record in the women's 800 free with a sterling time of 8:20.36. The 16-year-old shattered the previous record of 8:23.68 set by Japan's Sachiko Yamada in 2004, and also smashed the Chinese record of 8:24.37 set by Li Xuanxu at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Li Xuanxu finished second in 8:24.94, while Li Mo took third in 8:26.35.

Zhou Jiawei lowered the Chinese record in the men's 100 fly with a time of 51.24. That swim dropped his previous record of 51.36 set last year, but came up short of Kohei Kawamoto's Asian record of 51.00 set in September 2009. Shi Feng finished second in 51.98, while Chen Weiwu grabbed third in 52.38.

Sprint specialist Zhao Jing showed some range by claiming the women's 200 backstroke crown in 2:07.57. Bai Anqi placed second in 2:08.40 with Zhou Yanxin taking third in 2:09.01. Zhao already won the 100 backstroke earlier in the meet and is the world record holder in the 50 back.

Cai Li topped the men's splash-and-dash with a 22.5 in the 50 free finale. You Tianyu took second in 22.29 with Huang Shaohua finishing third in 22.31.

Special thanks to Swimming World Chinese correspondent Christopher Chow for the following results translation:

Women's 200 back:
(1) Zhao Jing (Wubei) 2:07.57
(2) Bai Anqi (Zhejiang) 2:08.40
(3) Zhou Yanxin (Shanghai) 2:09.01
(4) Gao Chang (Shandong) 2:09.43
Zhao just missed the national record of He Cihong (2:07.40). He's time is one of the two oldest Chinese records, along with Le Jingyi's 24.51 for the 50 free --- both times were set on 11/9/1994, the last day of the controversial World Championships in Rome 15 years ago.

Men's 50 free:
(1) Cai Li (Zhejiang) 22.25
(2) You Tianyu (Jiangxu) 22.29
(3) Huang Shaohua (Guangxi) 22.31
Asian record (21.95 from August 2009) holder Shi Runqiang was 5th in 22.43.

Men's 100 fly:
(1) Zhou Jiawei (Guangdong) 51.24 (50m split: 24.08)
(national record, old record 51.36 by Zhou Jiawei in September 2008 in Changshu, China)
(2) Shen Feng (Shanghai) 51.98
(3) Chen Weiwu (Shandong) 52.38

Women's 800 free:
(1) Chen Qian (Shandong) 8:20.36 (splits by 200m: 2:04.17, 4:10.94, 6:16.25, 8:20.36)
(Asian record, old record 8:23.68 by Sachiko Yamada of Japan in Tokyo, April 2004)
(2) Li Xuanxu (Wunan) 8:24.95
(3) Li Mo (Shandong) 8:26.15
Silver medalist Li Xuanxu was the original national record holder (8:24.37 from the Beijing Olympics semi-finals.)

Among the several semifinals, the women's 50 free was particularly noteworthy: there were three sub-25 swims, by Yang Li (24.90), Pang Jiaying (24.92) and Zhu Yingwen (24.98). More known as a backstroker, Yang had only managed around 25.6 in the 50 free in 2007-08, but surprised everyone in leading all qualifiers in the morning heats with a 24.87. Yang broke the 50 back WR with a 28.09 at the World Military Games in Hyderabad, India in October 2007, but failed to make the team for the Beijing Olympics. That 28.09 remains the fastest women's 50 back swum in a textile suit. The current WR is more than 1 second faster at 27.06, courtesy of Zhao Jing at the 2009 Worlds.

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October 23, 2009 If I read this correctly and the author had his facts correct (another publication), Chen was not in the TOP 300 last year and is now at an 8:20?????? This is getting ridiculous.
Submitted by: paddles
October 23, 2009 paddles.
Please explain how you jumped to the conclusion that "Chen was not in the TOP 300 last year"? Please don't tell me your source is only the news posted by Craig Lord, who actually has been so paranoid that he would not look up the ranking database of their own website, who has been so ignorant that he has always mixed up two "Chen Yan" as a same single person using drugs and refused to recognized when informed.

Submitted by: tim
October 23, 2009 i want to check her ranking in 2008 in the 800 free on the other site ranking data: she was ranked at the 38 place , that is not outside the 300 place .

Submitted by: maly
October 23, 2009 Chen Qian swam 8:34.50 in 2008.
Submitted by: fluidg
October 23, 2009 Thanks maly!
Submitted by: tim
October 23, 2009 Tim, I didn't "jump to any conclusions." reread my posting. I said if I read it correctly and IF the author had his facts straight. I trust Craig Lord just as I trust Swimming World's correspondents. As it is I stand corrected by maly with the information I did not have at my disposal. Thank you, maly.
Submitted by: paddles
October 23, 2009 Sorry, paddles. Now you know the other side of Craig Lord.
Submitted by: tim
October 23, 2009 Sorry, Tim. You have your opinion and I have mine. Now let's get back to the pool. :o)
Submitted by: paddles
October 23, 2009 How do you know I am going swimming tonight? :-)
Submitted by: tim
October 23, 2009 LOL!!! Good on you, Tim! :o)
Submitted by: paddles
October 24, 2009 Chen Qian was on 8:34.50 last year in National championships in August and I think it should be within the top 300. Actually, I did also informed Craig of the "Chen Yan" he has been referring to may not be the right one. The banned "Chen Yan" was once a top backstroker from Jiangsu province and was banned in 1998 together with her team mates from the same province and the other Chen Yan who is more an IM specialist is from Liaoning province. After 2000 Olympics with another failure (her 2nd Olympics) finishing 9th or 10th in heat of 400m IM, she won both IM events in national games in 2001. Afterwards, she joined University of Hawaii for the NCAA for a few years. She refused to join the training camp for 2004 Olympics because she thought it is really time-consuming and tired to get all the national swimmers to train for long term. In her career, she has been suffering from long-term stomach and shoulder problems which prevented her from reaching her best in big meets. Is it possible for a banned swimmer to swim for many years? especially she did swim in US for a few years. Actually, I realized Chen still swam in US a few years back from swimming world magazine. I think you still can check it out from their old issues. I did check the swimming team in university of Hawaii and I can confirm she is the former IM WR holder.
Submitted by: Will
October 25, 2009 Yes Will, keep up with your work. There're definitely someone reading what you write.

Chen Yan, the 400IMer, was indeed the one who went to Hawaii for university studies. Many other Chinese swimmers also went to the US. Backstroker Zheng Yingjuan, who swam 1:00.22 and 2:08.51 at the 1997 National Games, went to U. of Hawaii as well. I think she finished her college studies in 2004 (one year ahead of Chen Yan).

1996 Olympic silver medallist Liu Limin went to University of Neveda, as did distance freestyler Luo Ping (5th in the 800 free at the 1994 Worlds).

Butterflyer Cai Huijue (who was banned for 2 years following a positive drug test at the 1998 Worlds) went to Binghamton University in the 2000s. Another butterflyer, 1994 world silver medallst Qu Yun, also went to Binghamton, and ends up becoming a coach in Iowa (
Submitted by: chris
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of Swimming World Magazine or

Reaction Time is provided as a service to our readers.

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