USC Maintains Top Ranking in CSCAA NCAA Women’s Division I Rankings

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 13. THE College Swim Coaches Association of America has released its second NCAA Women's Division I rankings, with Southern California holding onto its top ranking among the pollsters. Similar to the last vote, California and Georgia also had a shot at No. 1 overall.

The goal of the CSCAA rankings committee this year will be to produce an in-season poll of the 25 best performing teams in rank order at the time of each poll. The poll is not designed to predict the results of the NCAA Championship, but rather which teams would win head-to-head against other teams in the country.

Specifically, the poll committee does not differentiate between the types of meets, or the status of a specific team in terms of rested vs. unrested, when considering votes. Further, rankings are only based on performances that have taken place up to that point in the season.

Notably, Swimming World has been invited as a media member as part of the polling process, and now has a vote in each poll. Jason Marsteller is serving as Swimming World's representative on these calls.

#1 Southern California
(5-0, Pac 12 4-0)

Last Poll: 1

W, Utah, 165-88
W, San Diego, 157.5-125.5
1st, SMU Classic
—Since last poll—
W, Washington State, 137-58
W, #9 Arizona, 155-134
W, #16 Arizona State, 118-116

Since grabbing the No. 1 ranking in the last poll, the Trojans haven't looked back with a trio of Pacific 12 conference victories. Not only did USC pounce on then No. 9 Arizona, they also took down then No. 16 Arizona State. Some notable swims since last poll were posted by freshman Jasmine Tosky (50 free: 23.02, 200 IM: 2:00.75), senior Haley Anderson (1000 free: 9:41.32) and freshman Andrea Kropp (100 breast: 1:01.14, 200 breast: 2:10.30, 200 IM: 2:00.18).

#2 California
(4-0, Pac 12 1-0)

Last Poll: 3

1st, Early Bird Invitational
W, @BYU, 158-118
W, @Utah, 184-115
—Since last poll—
W, #7 Texas, 172-128
W, #23 Wisconsin, 170-110

Defending champions California Golden Bears, who are about to announce one of the most amazing recruiting classes in recent history tomorrow, took down a pair of ranked squads to move up a spot this week. They downed then No. 7 Texas and thenNo. 23 Wisconsin. Freshman Rachel Bootsma has been firing on all cylinders already, turning in a boatload of ranked times since last poll. (50 free: 22.98, 100 free: 50.12, 100 back: 53.43, 100 fly: 54.07, 200 IM: 2:01.74). Additionally, fellow freshman Elizabeth Pelton has been having herself a strong maiden season thus far with ranked swims of her own (200 free: 1:46.56, 100 back: 53.46, 200 back: 1:54.55, 400 IM: 4:09.89).

The upperclassmen have been a bit more reserved, focusing more on the championship season. However, senior Caitlin Leverenz (100 breast: 1:00.33, 200 breast: 2:09.52, 400 IM: 4:16.84) and junior Cindy Tran (100 back: 53.45, 100 fly: 54.70) have both turned in some fabulous in-season efforts.

California's depth in the 100 back is ridiculous as well, with three of the top four swims in the nation right now. USC's Kendyl Stewart is at the top with a 53.41 from very early in the season on Oct. 19.

#3 Georgia
(4-0, SEC 3-0)

Last Poll: 2

W, @Georgia Tech, 176-115
W, @Arkansas, 187-113
W, Florida, 188-110
—Since last poll—
W, Missouri, 186-106

Georgia dropped a spot primarily due to a lack of a strong schedule since the last poll, having only picked up a single win with a 186-106 against SEC opponent Missouri. Against Missouri, junior Jessica Graber (50 free: 23.11) had a nice swim to move into the national rankings. Otherwise, the rest of Georgia's strong crew are showing signs of the in-season beating that occurs at this time of the year, as the best times for the Bulldogs were from much earlier in the season. And, in a rankings environment where it is more about what have you done lately, that cost them a spot.

#4 Texas A&M
(4-0, SEC 2-0)

Last Poll: 4

W, @South Carolina, 190-102
W, North Carolina, 174.5-123.5
W, @SMU, 153-103
—Since last poll—
W, @ #11 Florida, 196-104

Just like its football team, the Texas A&M Aggies have had zero problems adjusting to Southeastern Conference competition. After already trouncing South Carolina to open the season, the Aggies went into Gainesville and walked out winners with a 196-104 trumping of then No. 11 Florida since the last poll.

Olympian Breeja Larson put on a show in the breaststroke events with some seriously strong swims against Florida (100 breast: 59.14, 200 breast: 2:10.31). Meanwhile, junior Cammile Adams (500 free: 4:46.03, 1000 free: 9:47.89, 200 fly: 1:57.58, 400 IM: 4:16.49), sophomore Lili Ibanez Lopez (100 free: 49.94, 200 free: 1:47.37), sophomore Sarah Henry (200 free: 1:47.79, 500 free: 4:47.41, 400 IM: 4:13.61) and senior Maureen McLaine (500 free: 4:48.36, 1000 free: 9:42.32) also turned in some nationally-ranked times against the Gators.

#5 Texas
(3-1, Big 12 0-0)

Last Poll: 7

4th, SMU Classic
W, Indiana, 172-128
W, Michigan, 217-83
—Since last poll—
L, @ #3 California, 172-128
W, @ #5 Stanford, 151.5-148.5

The Texas Longhorns moved up two spots after a pair of strong showings against then No. 3 California and then No. 5 Stanford. UT lost at California, but bounced back with a triumph over the Cardinal to jump ahead of the Pacific 12 squad this poll.

Seniors Laura Sogar (200 breast: 2:09.64, 200 IM: 2:01.97) and Bethany Adams (200 free: 1:47.87) have shown some strong leadership in recent weeks with some swift swims, while sophomore Gretchen Jaques (100 free: 49.98, 100 breast: 1:01.44, 100 fly: 54.08) and junior Sarah Denninghoff (100 back: 54.03) have also put up some impressive efforts.

#6 Stanford
(2-1, Pac 12 0-0)

Last Poll: T5

W, San Jose State, 162.5-135.5
—Since last poll—
W, #23 Wisconsin, 159-130
L, #7 Texas, 151.5-148.5

Stanford dropped a bit in the polls after a close loss to Texas moved the Longhorns ahead of the Cardinal. Stanford, however, did not drop much especially with a victory against then No.23 Wisconsin on its resume.

The Cardinal are led by an incredibly deep and strong group of individuals, including junior Maya DiRado (100 back: 54.51, 200 back: 1:56.70, 200 IM: 2:00.47, 400 IM: 4:15.96) and sophomore Maddy Schaefer (50 free: 22.61, 100 free: 49.36, 100 back: 54.50) who both have littered the national rankings with strong swims.

Sophomore Annemarie Thayer (100 back: 54.39, 200 back: 1:57.86), sophomore Katie Olsen (100 breast: 1:01.53, 200 breast: 2:14.32), and freshman Sarah Haase (100 breast: 1:01.63, 200 breast: 2:14.43) each have a pair of nationally-ranked swims, while senior Andi Murez (100 free: 49.88) and junior Andie Taylor (1000 free: 9:56.67) also have strong swims since the last poll.

#7 Tennessee
(5-0, SEC 1-0)

Last Poll: 8

W, @UNC-Wilmington, 195-99
W, @Kentucky, 201-98
W, Indiana, 183-117
W, Louisville, 190-107
—Since last poll—
W, Ohio State, 191-109

The Tennessee Lady Volunteers, who have made some noise with a seriously strong recruiting class that will be announced tomorrow, picked up another victory to run their record to 5-0 so far this year after beating Ohio State. At the time, OSU was unranked, but voters were so impressed with its performances since last poll that it moved to No. 16 this week. A fact that only makes UT's victory over OSU that much more impactful.

Senior Kelsey Floyd (100 fly: 53.29, 200 fly: 1:56.53) and junior Lindsay Gendron (500 free: 4:46.99, 1000 free: 9:47.40) put on a show against the Buckeyes with some seriously strong in-season efforts, while freshman Faith Johnson (50 free: 23.08) and sophomore Molly Hannis (100 breast: 1:01.69) also posted some nationally-ranked times.

#8 Minnesota
(5-0, Big Ten 3-0)

Last Poll: 12

W, @Michigan, 196-99
W, Iowa State, 144-140
W, @Kansas, 179-119
W, Wisconsin, 183-112
—Since last poll—
W, Iowa, 192-103

One of the most upwardly mobile teams in the rankings, the Minnesota Golden Gophers shot up four spots after a big set of performances against Iowa and at the Minnesota Grand Prix.

While Missy Franklin and Ryan Lochte were dominating the top end of the Grand Prix held in the Gophers' backyard, Minnesota definitely turned in a plethora of swims to jump them up the charts.

Junior Erin Caflisch (50 free: 22.75, 100 free: 49.65), sophomore Becca Weiland (50 free: 22.88, 100 free: 49.90, 100 fly: 54.33), junior Tess Behrens (100 free: 49.35, 100 back: 53.67, 200 back: 1:56.07), sophomore Tori Simenec (200 free: 1:47.39, 100 fly: 54.69, 200 fly: 1:58.87, 200 IM: 2:02.13), sophomore Jessica Plant (100 free: 49.88, 200 free: 1:47.90), sophomore Kiera Janzen (500 free: 4:47.46, 1650 free: 16:24.83), senior Loren Brandon (1650 free: 16:54.10), freshman Sam Harding (1650 free: 16:59.01), freshman Kierra Smith (100 breast: 1:00.43, 200 breast: 2:08.11, 200 IM: 2:00.11), senior Annalise Colton (200 fly: 1:59.89) and sophomore Blake Zeiger (100 fly: 53.99) each put up some sterling times to jump into the national rankings.

#9 Auburn
(3-0, SEC 2-0)

Last Poll: T5

W, Alabama, 182-62
W, LSU, 218.5-78.5
W, Notre Dame, 166-132
—Since last poll—
W, @ Kentucky, 212.5-87.5

The Auburn Tigers took a bit of a fall primarily because the team hasn't shown its cards yet. Competing against Kentucky, the Tigers chose not to swim a standard dual meet setup and suffered in comparison to other teams that have been putting up some stronger performances of late.

Senior Lauren Norberg (100 breast: 1:02.02), sophomore Abby Duncan (100 breast: 1:02.03) and senior Micah Lawrence (200 breast: 2:11.81) each turned in nationally-ranked swims against the Wildcats.

#10 Virginia
(3-0, ACC 0-0)

Last Poll: 14

W, Navy, 168-118
W, @Pittsburgh, 155-131
—Since last poll—
W, South Carolina, 161-124

The Cavaliers triumphed over South Carolina since the previous poll. That, along with Olympic star Lauren Perdue continuing to get back in the saddle after some time off following the 2012 London Olympics, pushed UVA into the top 10. Against the Gamecocks, Perdue (200 free: 1:46.66) checked in with a nationally-ranked swim, while junior Rachel Naurath (1000 free: 9:46.90) and sophomore Shaun Casey (200 fly: 2:00.06) did the same.

#11 Florida
(1-2, SEC 1-2)

Last Poll: 11

1st, All Florida Invitational
3rd, SMU Classic
L, @Georgia, 188-110
W, @South Carolina, 176-119
—Since last poll—
L, #4 Texas A&M, 196-104

The Florida Gators stood pat at No. 11 even though they took a loss to then No. 4 Texas A&M. Florida is still looking for Olympian Sinead Russell to return to the squad, and is another team that is in the middle of tough in-season training without exposing much of its potential thus far in the season. Junior Elizabeth Beisel is another 2012 Olympian still working out some in-season kinks, but still manage to turn in a nationally-ranked 54.47 in the 100 back against the Aggies. Freshman Jessica Thielmann (1000 free: 9:51.03) also entered the national ranks.

#12 UCLA
(8-0, Pac 12 5-0)

Last Poll: 15

W, Oregon State, 197-92
W, UC Santa Barbara, 198-110
W, Utah, 211-83
—Since last poll—
W, UC-Davis, 136-119
W, Washington State, 15-97
W, #16 Arizona State, 190.5-108.5
W, San Diego, 198-92
W, #9 Arizona, 157-141

The Bruins vaulted three spots to No. 12 after a huge 5-0 dual meet run since the previous poll including a pair of victories against then No. 9 Arizona and then No. 16 Arizona State. While UCLA's triumph over ASU was not in doubt, a coaching error helped UCLA edge the Wildcats — and it cost Arizona badly this week with UCLA's head-to-head victory being rewarded. As for the coaching error, UCLA and Arizona had agreed to swim 200 freestyle relays at the end of their dual meet instead of the 400 free relay. Someone forgot to tell Arizona's swimmers, as they proceeded to swim 400s against UCLA's legal 200s, thus disqualifying all of Arizona's final event points.

Junior Ting Quah (50 free: 23.10, 100 free: 50.08, 200 free: 1.47.92) has led the way for the Bruins, turning in a trio of nationally-ranked swims in the past few weeks. Junior Anna Senko (200 IM: 2:02.14) also moved up the national ranks since the last poll.

#13 Arizona
(4-2, Pac 12 1-2)

Last Poll: 9

W, Hawaii, No score reported
W, Washington State, 121-76
W, UNLV, 188-105
W, Denver, 204-86
—Since last poll—
L, @ #1 USC, 155-134
L, @ #15 UCLA, 157-141

The Wildcats dropped four spots after a pair of losses since the last poll. Arizona lost to then No. 1 Southern California, and fell to then No. 15 UCLA after a coaching error as explained above in the UCLA synopsis. The Wildcats, however, still have plenty of time to move back up the rankings. Junior Margo Geer blasted through with a top-ranked 48.55 in the 100 free, the first sub 49 of the year. She also clocked a fifth-ranked 1:46.58 in the 200 free. Meanwhile, since the last poll, freshman Bonnie Brandon posted a 4:47.73 in the 500 free, and a 1:56.35 in the 200 fly. Senior Lauren Smart also moved into the rankings with a 1:57.90 in the 200 back and a 54.30 in the 100 back, with senior Chelsey Salli clocking a 1:01.65 in the 100 breast, and a 2:13.71 in the 200 breast.

#14 Indiana
(2-2, Big Ten 1-0)

Last Poll: 13

W, @Kentucky, 189-111
L, Tennessee, 183-117
W, Michigan, 223-77
L, @Texas, 172-128
—Since last poll—

The Indiana Hoosiers dropped a spot while being idle from the last poll.

#15 North Carolina
(2-1, ACC 1-0)

Last Poll: 10

W, @South Carolina, 198-99
L, Texas A&M, 174.5-123.5
2nd, SMU Classic
W, Virginia Tech, 175-120
—Since last poll—

North Carolina suffered a big fall, down five spots, while being idle from the last poll.

#16 Ohio State
(4-1, Big Ten 0-0)

Last Poll: Not Ranked

W, Cleveland State, 179-110
W, Kenyon, 168-119
—Since last poll—
W, Denison, 178.5-110.5
L, @ #8 Tennessee, 191-109
W, @ Ohio, 182-112

The Ohio State Buckeyes finally started producing some top times, even if partially in a loss against then No. 8 Tennessee. These strong efforts definitely caught the eyes of the pollsters as OSU went from receiving votes to No. 16 this week.

#17 Louisville
(2-1, Big East 1-0)

Last Poll: 19

W, Xavier, 183-73
5th, SMU Classic
L, @Tennessee, 190-107
—Since last poll—
W, #18 Notre Dame, 162-138

A victory against then No. 18 Notre Dame pushed the Cardinals up two spots, leapfrogging the Fighting Irish, in what proved to be a big-time Big East battle. Freshman Kelsi Worrell brought her A-game against Notre Dame, blasting a trio of nationally-ranked swims in her individual events (100 free: 50.02, 200 free: 1:47.78, 100 fly: 54.14).

#18 Arizona State
(2-2, Pac 12 1-2)

Last Poll: 16

W, Grand Canyon, 179-80
W, Washington State, 170-88
—Since last poll—
L, @ #15 UCLA, 190.5-108.5
L, @ #1 USC, 118-116

A pair of Pacific 12 losses dropped the Sun Devils two spots as ASU had an unsuccessful road trip to Los Angeles with losses to then No. 15 UCLA and No. 1 USC. Junior Tristin Baxter (500 free: 4:49.23, 1000 free: 9:50.81) and senior Shannon Landgrebe (200 free: 1:48.03) clocked nationally-ranked swims during the trip.

#19 LSU
(5-1, SEC 2-1)

Last Poll: 17

W, @Centenary, 64-38
W, @Vanderbilt, 181-80
L, @Auburn, 218.5-78.5
W, @Tulane, 174-69
W, NC State, 167-132
—Since last poll—
W, Alabama, 205.5-98.5

Although LSU demolished Southeastern Conference foe Alabama, crushing the Tide in the process, the Tigers managed to drop two spots since the last poll. Senior Sara Haley posted an 11th-ranked time in the 200 fly with a 1:59.15 during the meet.

#20 Purdue
(3-0, Big Ten 1-0)

Last Poll: 24

W, Miami (Ohio), 179-109
—Since last poll—
W, @ #18 Notre Dame, 152-148
W, @ Northwestern, 187-113

A pair of regional triumphs vaulted the Boilermakers up four spots, as Purdue edged then No. 18 Notre Dame and Northwestern since the previous poll. Junior Carly Mercer (100 free: 50.14) and junior Emily Fogle (100 breast: 1:01.76) each turned in a nationally-ranked swim in the last week.

#21 Notre Dame
(1-3, Big East 1-1)

Last Poll: 18

1st, Dennis Stark Relays
L, @Auburn, 166-132
—Since last poll—
L, #24 Purdue, 152-148
W, Pittsburgh, 188-112
L, #19 Louisville, 162-138

The Fighting Irish had a rough go of it since the last poll had them No. 18 with two losses against then No. 19 Louisville and then No. 24 Purdue. Notre Dame did, however, pick up a Big East triumph over Pittsburgh. Sophomore Emma Reaney (100 breast: 1:00.95, 200 breast: 2:13.04, 200 IM: 1:59.70) has definitely turned up the heat since the last poll, while senior Kim Holden (200 free: 1:58.51, 100 back: 54.69, 100 fly: 54.46) also has a trio of nationally-ranked efforts.

#22 Michigan
(1-3, Big Ten 1-2)

Last Poll: 20

W, Wisconsin, 157-143
L, Minnesota, 196-99
L, Indiana, 223-77
L, @Texas, 217-83
—Since last poll—

The Wolverines have dropped a pair of spots after being idle since the last poll.

#23 Arkansas
(3-1, SEC 2-1)

Last Poll: 21

1st, Razorback Relays
L, Georgia, 187-113
W, Southern Illinois, 244-56
W, Kentucky, 212-88
W, @Missouri, 197-103
—Since last poll—

The Razorbacks fell two spots after being idle since the last poll.

#24 Florida State
(9-0, ACC 3-0)

Last Poll: 22

2nd, All Florida Invitational
W, @Florida Gulf Coast, 173-122
W, @Miami, 184-115
W, @Florida Atlantic, 181-114
W, Florida International, 189-101
W, Virginia Tech, 179-120
W, UNC-Wilmington, 246-54
W, Duke, 203-91
—Since last poll—
W, Florida Southern, 179.5-91.5
W, Emory, 185-102

Although the Seminoles have had one of the most ambitious dual meet schedules in terms of numbers of meets with a 9-0 record, the pollsters are looking for the squad to step up against some stronger teams. A pair of wins against Florida Southern and Emory weren't impressive enough to stop FSU from dropping two spots.

#25 Wisconsin
(4-4, Big Ten 2-2)

Last Poll: 23

W, @Michigan State, 209-91
L, @Michigan, 157-143
W, Milwaukee, 175-118
W, Green Bay, 140-94
L, @Minnesota, 183-112
—Since last poll—
L, @ #5 Stanford, 159-130
L, @ #3 California, 170-110
W, Northwestern, 173-121

Head coach Whitney Hite has definitely challenged his squad with an intense schedule with losses to four top 10 teams already on the schedule. Wisconsin, however, also has a quartet of wins for a .500 record, enough to keep the team from dropping out of the top 25.

Also receiving votes: San Diego State, Iowa, Penn State
Dropped Out: San Diego State