USA Swimming’s “Call Me Maybe” Video Second-Best Among Sports-Related Parody Videos

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 29. MISSY Franklin's lip-synching talents and Brendan Hansen's underwater dancing helped put USA Swimming's parody video of the popular Carly Rae Jepsen song “Call Me Maybe” high on USA Today's list of sports-related videos of the song.

Though music artists such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez started the trend of covering the Canadian singer's infectious song in video, athletes have made it popular. USA Swimming's version has been watched nearly 8 million times on YouTube, a ways back from the parody video featuring Harvard baseball players. That video is close to reaching 16 million views, though it debuted more than two months before USA Swimming released theirs.

In the USA Today list, USA Swimming's “Call Me Maybe” video ranks second behind a video featuring the mascots of the Big Ten college conference. USA today praised the mascots' dance moves and called a clip featuring Nebraska's Sooner “epic.”

Video of the Big Ten mascots performing “Call Me Maybe”:

USA Today said USA Swimming's video was greatly buoyed by Franklin's performances throughout, as well as Ryan Lochte's brief appearance.

Video of USA Swimming Olympians performing “Call Me Maybe”:

Aquatic sports ranked third and fourth on the list as well, with the popular “Call Me Lochte” featuring an “athlete” mocking Michael Phelps' dominance in the pool placing third.

“Call Me Lochte” video:

USA Diving's video, which was created by eventual silver medalist Abby Johnston, features the Olympic team in various locations around the Olympic village, including on the platform in the London Aquatic Center and, in a humorous moment, dancing behind a British police officer. The video ranked fourth on the USA Today list.

USA Diving's “Call Me Maybe” video:

Videos from the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the University of Florida baseball team, Harvard baseball, Southern Methodist University rowing and Duke lacrosse rounded out the USA Today rankings.

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