USA Swimming Releases Olympic Trials Psych Sheet

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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Today USA Swimming released the psych sheet for the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Many swimmers, especially a number of top names, may choose to scratch some of their entries as the week progresses, and they weigh their priorities and best chances to make the Olympic team.

Michael Phelps is entered in five events, including the 100 and 200 free, 100 and 200 fly and 200 IM. However, that does not guarantee Phelps will swim all five events through prelims, semifinals and finals. Throwing down a quick time in the early rounds of either the 100 or 200 free could put Phelps into consideration for free relays at the Olympics, even if he does not swim the events through to finals.

Ryan Lochte‘s name is listed six times, in the 100 and 200 free, 200 back, 100 fly, 200 and 400 IM. Whether Lochte will swim the 400 IM has been a hotly-debated topic over the past several months since he has not contested the event internationally since winning Olympic gold in 2012. Watch for Lochte, like Phelps, to only swim the 100 free in the early rounds as he aims for a spot on the 400 free relay in Rio, and it’s still to be seen if he does swim both the 200 back and 200 IM.

Lochte attempted the 200 back-200 IM double at each of the past two Olympics, but his performance has suffered each time in the second race, the 200 IM. Lochte won Olympic gold in the 200 back in 2008 in Beijing, and he currently holds the world record in the 200 IM.

On the women’s side, Missy Franklin has entered her signature 100 and 200 free and 100 and 200 back, as expected. Katie Ledecky does appear set to make a run at the 400 freestyle relay. The 19 year old is seeded fourth in the 100 freestyle, in addition to her top spots in the 200, 400, and 800 freestyles. She is also entered in the 400 IM (seeded fifth) and the 50 free (seeded 23rd).

View the full psych sheet here: 2016 US Olympic Trials: Psych Sheet – Results

Trials begin this Sunday, June 26, in Omaha, Neb., and continue through July 3.


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    Simona De Lullo

    Is there some kind of streaming for people outside the u.s.a.?

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      Rodrigo Martins Alves

      that would be great to know !

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      Amber Schmitt Reuter

      And for those of us without cable!

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      Lori Antolick

      I imagine it will be live streamed on the USA Swimming website. All big meets usually are.

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      Becky Dillon Warren or the NBC Sports app

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    Sharon McQuade Churchin

    Is the entire psych sheet up or just the 400 IM?

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    Nikia Brown

    Get Ready!!!!

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    Jim Tokarz

    Kodey Kay idk how you didn’t know he came back

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    Adam Chillingworth

    Paul Liam Dom this is insane

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    Kristie Wisniewski

    I always hope for some crazy upset but I can predict most of them.

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    Lucy Pinedo

    Yes, cheering for our own hometown boys Sean Grieshop & Will Licon and our friend Emma Waddell. Go, Go, Go!!!

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    Michele Chojnacki Sinopoli

    Jennifer Weynand
    Roger kreigel is on psych sheet

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      Jennifer Weynand

      Yep…400 and 1500…400 he is rankef 88 and 1500 ranked 33 or 37, I can’t remember

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    Jeron Miles

    Adam Keyrouze only 5… Disappointing

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    Liz Badin

    Go Michael Thomas!!!

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    Kelly Bistle White

    Great to see our neighbor on the sheet. Go Chris!

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    Tracy Webb-Miller

    Good luck Chandler Bray…

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    Jennifer Weynand

    Swim fast Roger

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    Interesting how Ryan Loche and Michael Phelps get a paragraph each about them but Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky get a sentence each. All extraordinary athletes, who should be getting the same respect.

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      The author is an idiot: this article should be all about Ledecky

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      Todd Ford

      Exactly my thought.

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      Who wouldn’t talk about the greatest swimmer of all time…. Phelps changed the sport

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      My thoughts exactly. But to be completely fair there are so many swimmers that deserve a whole paragraph.

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    Iain Mackie

    Michael J Morris; my son’s swim club (Katy Aquatics) has 3 kids at Olympic Trials. The youngest is 16.

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      Michael J Morris

      Alyson Dunn

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      Michael J Morris

      That’s beyond Awesome Iain!!!

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    Cindy Dobrinsky

    Go Wisconsin!!

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    Shorty Highpockets

    And Brock Turner never EVER to be listed. If more governing bodies had half the moral consciousness that USA Swimming does….

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      Austin Hopkins

      YES! Many banned in the past few years for Freshman Mistakes. If the parents don’t hold them accountable, I guess USA Swimming will in some manner!

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    Eric Valley

    I wanna see Dressel/Adrian!!!!!

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    helen koch

    how about they spell Ryan’s name correctly? duh

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      That is how you spell Ryan Lochte’s name…D’uh!

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    Mark Nedza

    Where’s Madison! 2020?

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    Jan Beaver-Smiley

    Getting super stoked…..only 3 more days. ????

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    Miguel Escaliente

    Amanda Kendall WE FOLLOWING YOU LETS GET IT!!!!!

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      Amanda Kendall

      Thank you so much for all your support!

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    Dawn Grodsky Reeves

    Go Katie!!!!!!!

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    Tara McKenzie

    I only see event 1- where is the full psych sheet?

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    Tracy Kovacs Kibler

    So excited for this!!!

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    Dawn Bastian

    Go Cards!!! Go Kelsi!!!

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    Kelly Ransford

    Good Luck, PJ Ransford!! 500 & 1500 free! You’ve got this! So proud of your journey. You rock!!

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    Amanda Rudiger

    So neat to see Paige’s name on here Aunt Carol.

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    Mike Timperio

    Brian Reed let’s go get on the numbers….

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    Kyle Starling

    Stephanie I’m so excited

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    Louise Bagnaschi

    I’m ready to see lots of this!

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    Rudene Crowe

    Our small swim club City of Mobile Swimming has 7 swimmers in the Olympic Trials! Amazing! Swim fast Big Fish!

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    Jody Watson Burrill


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    Leila Scott

    Exciting to see Clark and Ethan’s names on here Paula Beach!

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    Stephen A. Black

    On my way ?

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    Paula Mcgowan

    Good Luck Josh Fleagle!!!!

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    Merell Lange

    Go Michael Phelps. Seems like yesterday you were 4yo and didn’t want to leave baby pool!! Look at the great msn you’ve become!! Hey Bruce!!! You got this with Katy. Ur a great coach. Best wishes. Remembering good old WAC n DST days!! lol.

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    Angel Daniel Moran

    Let’s go David Moore!!! Swimming the same event as Mr Phelps!!! Man, you’re a beast! Good luck! All the positive vibes for you from SAT! Go WORD!!!

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    Heather Heck

    Go Eric Knowles!!