USA Swimming Launches New-Look Website Ahead of Pre-Scheduled Olympic Trials

New USA Swimming home page layout.

USA Swimming launched a new-look website on Monday ahead of the pre-scheduled dates of the Olympic Trials that have been pushed back to June 2021 to slow down the coronavirus pandemic. The new website was designed by Jacob Grosser with the idea in mind to make it easier to navigate as USA Swimming worked with Spiro Digital in Denver to lay out the new design.

The website features many helpful enhancements including a new user-friendly interface, improved search functionality and simplified navigation organization. The content has also been refined and better curated for each membership persona: Swimmers & Parents, Coaches & Team Leaders and Officials.

The new website will have a top bar of important information that will be accessible on every single page. The most important links: events & tickets, deck pass, swim shop, etc. will be on the top line so visitors can access those pages easily.

The biggest change to the new website layout is that the USA Swimming Foundation, which used to have its own website, will now be added to the home slider on the second line.


USA Swimming Foundation Page

The main story on the home page will be the next big upcoming event, which in this case is the US Olympic Trials, to give fans a chance to look at ticket prices and other event info as a way to promote their events more. News has been pushed to the bottom so readers will need to scroll down to catch up on anything important industry wise

The second line on the home page will be a combination of common personas. Each category will have its own drop down menu and will be easier to navigate than the previous site, lowering the amount of clicks it takes to get to a certain page.


New USA Swimming Times page

Swimmers & Parents have their own category since most of what is relevant to the swimmers is also relevant to the parents. Officials will have their own category tab, while coaches & team leaders will be a separate category as well.

Safe sport is a high priority and will be a home page tab, like it was on the old website layout.

The “meet the team” section which is not necessarily new, but it will be an opportunity to highlight the national senior team and national junior team members. Each swimmer’s bio will be more carefully laid out and will be easier to read for visitors wanting to learn about the faces of USA Swimming.


An example of the new national team bios.

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