USA Swimming Introduces 2016 Olympic Team: Kathleen Baker

Photo Courtesy: Azaria Basile


Editorial Coverage Sponsored By FINIS

In the video series introducing the 2016 Olympic team, an excited Kathleen Baker revealed the energy the rookies are bringing this summer.

The nineteen year old spoke a bit about her superstitions surrounding swim meet attire, which usually includes “blue sparkle Uggs” and pearl earrings.

She also reflected on what it meant to have shared her battle with Chron’s disease in a recently published New York Times piece.

Baker revealed how competitive she was at a young age, refusing to even hang up her red, second place ribbons. At Olympic Trials, second place was enough, as Baker secured her spot on the Olympic team in the 100 backstroke. The rookie will head to Rio with the seventh fastest time in the world this year.